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  • bobbobwhite bobbobwhite Nov 21, 2008 12:25 PM Flag

    20% divvie doesn't help my 50% drop

    in BTE value since my buy point, but it is better than just a 50% drop!

    Kept about 10% of what I used to hold in BTE and in most of my holdings in order to get a bit of the early rebound, whenever. That is, if there is anything left to rebound. Questionable.

    Been at this since the mid-70's, and have never seen anything nearly this bad. According to many conversations, the stock market has permanently lost many investors due to systemic national economic malfeasance, and most of the others will take a very long time to regain any sort of trust and confidence that the market can increase their wealth better than CDs can. We are now all the way back to no gains for 11 years. Pathetic, and so sad, and I am sorry for the America people who have to now suffer so severely due to uncaring and selfish criminality at the highest levels of gov't and business.

    Are we now any better than the 3rd world countries we used to abuse because they were not like us???

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    • I've been at this awhile myself. I've never seen anything like this. But at the end of the day, I'd rather own a company that owns real and valuable resources and pays a good div., than almost anything else in this market.

      There are no safe havens. Either this is the end of life as we know it, or this irrational panic will subside. It's painful, but I believe growth will return and energy prices rebound. But a nasty market like this is painful to watch. More painful to be invested in.

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      • i agree with you.. i would also much perfer to own a stock like this then any other holdings,, at least the assets here are real and necessary and will always have value, at least in our many products are dependant on oil and natural gas... the loss is very painful but you have to believe there will eventually be a recovery in price...

    • Everything that is happening to America now is in the old story about the lion trainer. He got closer and closer to the lion as he "trained" the lion to do the tricks he wanted, but one day he got too close and the lion ate him. It was then clear that all along the lion was just waiting for his best chance to end it all for the trainer, and was never really trained at all.

      By pushing things too far, sometimes we cannot correct the mistakes we have made, just like that lion trainer. Good days, one after another, then one bad day ends it all. That one bad day may now be upon us and we could end up being nothing more than lion poop.

    • great post...only problem is this world is destined to forget after a few months (ala 9/11)and without the supposed CHECKS& BALANCES the law and politicians are supposed to provide, we will go back to human nature which includes NO DISCIPLINING, NO INDICTMENTS, NO FINES THAT MATCH WEALTH ACCUMULATED THROUGH FRAUD, etc etc...and run up some other bubble...

    • You of little faith...The US is the Master of legalized theft. We are the envy of many because of of aur ability to manipulate, persecute and con so many. Now The US is using inflation to it's printing advantage to weaken other nations currencies. Once the fear subsides the lust for greed will resume even stronger.

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      • The main thing people don't realize now is that after all the economic house of cards building and tearing down done by our gov't and Wall Street over hundreds of years, the end result will be that someday, perhaps soon, a depression recovery will not happen. It will be catastrophic and our society will not survive as it is now. Yes, all the recessions and depressions of the past have more or less recovered, but all the while they were building up to one of total systemic collapse, and I am now more doubtful of the continued safety and security of American middle class prosperity than at any other time in my life of 67 years.

        Wall Street for all but the upper class is finished as we knew it, as much of the American investment community of the emerging middle class since WWII are leaving or have left. Many of these previous new "investors" will never return to the stock market now that they have learned once and for all time that it is a casino only for the very rich upper class which enables it to take what little it doesn't already have from all the "little people" who unrealistically thought that they could improve their life position by "investing" in the market.

        If global warming doesn't get us all first. Aren't we a species to be proud of?

    • Maybe the growth time and growth-mob has to change to zero-growth. The worlds economic system is a big chainletter and loosers are nature and humanity. Without recessions like this we will never learn that expansion is no longer possible. Next recession will be even worse. This is a hint to change to green. MEA is right but surely will be under 1.00 before slow up.

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      • It looks a little frantic and insane to me now, chasing growth and ever-increasing consumption of junk, in a world where the plutocrats have lost all contact with reality and decency.
        I've only been tampering with money since 2000, but I can see now that whatever I thought I was doing, the outcomes were way out of my control.
        The funds I bought in 2000 crashed and I sold. UBS had said it was the buying opportunity of the century.
        They are still way under water( they were all into the tech bubble and basically nasdaq correlated but in those days i left all that to an adviser. What did I know?
        So I took the controls myself, and was doing fine until the bottom fell out of shipping and oil. I am not sure working folks should be in this game. The big boys are calling all the shots and have no scruples. About 500k of my retirement notion is gone.
        On the other hand, are we approaching ' the buying opportunity of the century?" Looks like I'm still hooked.

    • It looks bad now, and may even get worse, but your best course of action is to continue to invest. For example, many of us have lost 50% of our money. That means to get even, we need a 100% gain. Some people I know are actually selling out to wait until things get better. That means that they won't be back into the market until we get a 100% gain--they are willing to forgoe a 100% gain! However, if you continue to invest here, you should consider it like a BOGO sale (But One Get One), and you will actually come back to parity much sooner as a result (so the market does not have to log a 100% gain for you to be in the black). Then when things actually do get back to where they were, you will be well into the black. So Hang in there and prosper.

    • Bradendad has it RIGHT-ON!....BTE strong point is it's reserves building every month .........IF only they would quit using shares and increase debt to add acerage...........inflation will be here very quickly GOLD investing by real pros shows us now have no chance to gain....high pe growth is through too can still SHORT FASt and Starbucks......but oil & gas can't be controlled by USA interests.............the world needs energy.....coal/n gas/oil will come back super's a changing world......mid-east waring interests to cause big problems/along with Africa will cause $55 to $65 oil next yr..........that should be bottom for yrs to come ........longs= KHD,euro ins AXA,ING,AEG....+ all energy related issues NGPC,VLO,MRO, etc opinions

    • I'm down big on this too but I'm not giving up. Remember they are reinvesting as much as they are paying out in divvies in new fields and expanding existing field. So when the price of oil rebounds, as it inevitably will, the value of BTE's reserves is going to be huge. Meanwhile the divvy makes the wait worthwhile.

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