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  • im_not_diverse im_not_diverse Jun 26, 2009 1:13 PM Flag

    Strange how the share price bounced

    on my trailing stop.

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    • just curious...but was your trailing stop a $$ amount or percentage?

      And, if it were dollars did you set it for a "logical" $0.50?

      I seem to get taken out on trailing stops a lot as well, and they seem to bounce about were my stops are....i wonder if going to something like a $0.63 stop may throw them off my scent by not being as predictable...since the order is not supposed to show up until the stop is triggered.

      Also, some trading platforms have listed in their disclosures that the principal can gather data for their own use...IOW, they could have all of your keystrokes stored, and know what your stops are, and potentially "come and get 'em". GS uses such software, others too I suspect.

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