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  • chi134431 chi134431 Aug 14, 2009 10:41 AM Flag

    guys I did talk to mgmt

    I had dozen of investors in this issue starting @$4/share before they became a trust............I'll start buying again at $19 due to reserves @$ 17-16.I'll buy a block or two of 10,000 shares ,BUT I NEED YLD..........LOOK at BGR which I've sold, intending to buy again ,but cuts risk away from CDN Gov, the US dollar, holding a wide # of oil co's ,plus drillers/ pray is AMERICA adds $1.50 /gal in taxes........ WE NEED $5-6/gal gasoline in America .People need to pay more for INSURANCE,FUEL, NECESSITIES ........Americans spend to much on eating out,clothes,sports,education,autos/trucks etc............they need to save a lot more , the Fed Gov/states needs much higher taxes on everyone.... standard of living to fall far because of immigrants....this old profs opinions

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    • "Wealth begets wealth" was the closing line I am responding to. I believe more that the result is that "Education and hard work beget wealth". The recent demeaning of successful people who have lived frugal but happy lives and have more than their neighbors can only lead our nation downhill whereby someone thinks they can be the lazy grasshopper and live off the success of the hardworking ant. Even with money re-distributed as is now the mantra later on the grasshoppers will have not learned a lesson so the ant will be penalized over and over again. Eventually the ant will act like the grasshopper because working hard didn't pay off. Then neither the grasshopper or the ant will have hope for the future.

    • and?
      taxes need to go up. we need to pay off debt. we need to restore the middle class. the middles class built this country.

      more from the article:

      Too much wealth in too few hands fuels speculation
      from the top, de-stabilizing the jobs and security of
      many people. Besides, there are only so many race
      horses, works of art, or face lifts any one person can
      have. More money in more people’s hands would be
      a better fuel for the economy. As economist Randy
      Albelda put it: “Mink coats don't trickle down.”
      ♦ The shift in the ownership of income and wealth —
      and the changing nature of work — will likely hit the
      next generation particularly hard. Many young people
      who grew up in middle class families may never have
      a standard of living approaching their parents — and
      therefore will increasingly be dependent on their
      parent’s savings (equity) to help them build any
      security. Lower income youth face the prospect of a
      lifetime of economic insecurity.
      ♦ Wealth begets wealth. The impact of compounding
      interest multiplies wealth for asset holders.

    • agree AND ?.................

    • yeah all those guys without a job need to pay higher taxes. Are you nuts? Rule from Econ 101; NEVER, EVER raise taxes in a serious recession. Obama seems intent on not learning that principle.

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