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  • tj_shanks tj_shanks Feb 18, 2004 7:57 PM Flag

    :04 Aft-hrs>11,000 Bought @. 91 >

    stock price is based on future

    those who live in the past are amateurs

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    • Gee, sounds like you're repeating the words of lionmaster98. Wasn't he recently pumping BLSI and raising everyone's hopes that FDA notice this week would raise pps. Well, look at BLSI now. Very soon someone on this board will be saying, "Well, look at DYTK now."

      Face it. thelion-dot-com is now all pump-n-dump from the lying master. Didn't he kick out all posters who didn't agree with him?

    • actually those who simply take the word of management at face value who tells you "but, in 6 months everything will be great" are pretty naive. you continue to pump the stock for 3 or 4 months, then they drop the hammer again with another warning - "oops, we were too optimistic, things really haven't materialized as we thought they would". don't you understand - they can say whatever they like for guidance.

      this stock is currently the pump of the month all over Y! thanks to a couple of chumps here. in a month or two, after the stock settles down and all the momo players are out, it will be worth investigating. today, however, it is overvalued.