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  • SMAC693 SMAC693 Dec 4, 2006 11:06 PM Flag

    THLD's Metabolic Targeting

    Link to Baxter's involvement with THLD:

    Baxter discovered glufosfamide and it looks like they could not make it work. Threshold bought/acquired the license for glufo from Baxter and it trying to make it work after applying it's Metabolic Targeting technology, so this is THLD's claim to fame. They haven't invented any drugs, they just apply their technology. There must be a profit splitting agreement in place between Baxter and THLD. THLD makes it work and markets it, Baxter produces the drug.

    I wish I knew more about THLD's Metabolic Targeting.

    Also, I'd like to know the profit sharing agreement between Baxter and Threshold.

    Not a good day for the stock, but expected: like ACOR, THLD may drift down before the big news. I hope all longs
    bought puts!

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    • Did TH070 use Threshold Metabolic targeting?

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      • Yes they used Metabolic targeting for TH 070, However its a term so there are diffrent ways to target for each drug. The problem for TH 070, was that it was toxic for the live, Not that it didnt work. That is why so many people were pissed because the previous results of TH 070 looked so good. But FDA pulled for toxic levels and we have already passed that stage with Glufo.
        read this carefully Larrywagoner this should explain a bit.

        "About Threshold Pharmaceuticals"
        Threshold is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of small molecule therapeutics based on "Metabolic Targeting", an approach that offers broad potential to treat most solid tumors and certain other diseases. The company is building a pipeline of "drug candidates that selectively target tumor cells", offering the potential to be more effective and less toxic to healthy tissues than conventional drugs. Treshold's initial clinical focus is the treatment of cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, a disease afflicting tens of millions of men worldwide. For additional information, please visit

    • Did TH070 use Threshold Metabolic targeting?

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      • The short answer is yes, but in a completely different mechanism as Glufo. Glufo, as an earlier poster pointed out, is a compound that combines glucose with a chemotherapy agent that targets the hypoxic regions of the tumor, which absorb Glufo through the process of glycolysis. TH070, on the other hand, attempted to inhibit the glycolysis process by destroying a certain enzyme. So, Glufo is like the trojan horse - it uses the glycolysis process to deliver the chemo agent into the tumor (attached to the glucose molecule), whereas TH070 tried to prevent glycolysis (and thereby starve the tumor's hypoxic regions).

    • Read the description of Metabolic Targeting on their website - I think you are mistaken in thinking that THLD somehow has modified the Glufo that Baxter was working with - it is the same drug. Metabolic Targeting is just a fancy name that THLD has created to describe their strategy in focusing on the "hypoxic" regions of tumors, whereas most chemo agents target the areas that near the blood supply and are relatively rich with oxygen.

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      • I didn't think they modified glufo. My question is, what does Metabolic Targeting do, what does it add? I understand the "focus" but what does that mean?

        I have emailed Denise several times. She answers all questions except those about Metabolic Targeting. It must be secretive (I hope its not "non-existent", i.e. nothing more than trying Baxter's drug on pancreatic cancer. If so, then why didn't Baxter try it on that type of cancer?)

        I like the stock action. If news is not good, I hope they announce before the 15th because I have puts. If news is good, I hope the announce after the 15th because I will be buying Jan, Feb, and March calls (as well as some Jan puts to protect my long position).

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