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  • tredleon tredleon Oct 22, 2008 5:33 PM Flag

    While Today's "Encouraging" News...

    may seem underwhelming, remember that this is TH-302 as a monotherapy, and the pre-clinical evidence is that the real power is when used in combination - there is a synergistic impact shown in the pre-clinical studies where 1+1=4 in terms of tumor reduction and survival.
    And if you think that is irrational hyperbole, remember that TH-302 is targeted to attack the portions of the tumor that traditional chemo does not reach, and may be responsible for relapse and/or metastisis. No doubt, the single agent impact in these studies seems underwhelming, but remember, these are late-stage patients with runaway cancer that have already failed traditional treatments - nothing but a miracle could stop these people's cancers from progressing. So, the fact that they have generated a decent safety profile with some signs of response (it can't kill the entire tumor, only the hypoxic regions) is a good sign. The combination trials will be the true test of this drug, so hold on to your shares.

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    • These results are laughable. TH-302 certainly does NOT appear to work as well as it did for mice. Someone got HERPES from this drug??? Gee. Another B Slick bowel movement. I cannot believe Stutter, Tang, etc. just lost another $17 million on this. Wow! Too funny.

      I've written this off as a total loss, so I don't care what happens at this point. ANY good news sending the stock up would feel like winning the lottery - free money.

      But still, I cannot believe the poor timing for those suckers. Where is Michael Powell? He and his sister Denise must feel soooo proud. Quite a family effort to decimate so many shareholders. Ha!

      The stock market reflects my pessism: THLD down 25% today. Bankruptcy for sure.

      This would have to go to $90 to equal it's $15 pre split high. From 45 cents to $90? Could happen!

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      • SMAC - you're the one who was pumping the pre-clinical/mice studies before and I kept warning you that the monotherapy studies for TH-302 were worthless. Go back to the slide show - TH-302 as a single agent always performed worse (in terms of "response" and survival) than the current standard of care chemo agent. But this makes complete sense - traditional chemo reaches the larger portion of the tumor feeding off of the vasculature, while TH-302 reaches the smaller hypoxic regions of the tumor. Neither treatment on its own can kill the entire tumor - it is only when they combined them that they showed the dramatic "cure" rates in the mice. Given the dultion that has been crammed down on shareholders, this will never be a home run, but you could get a decent chunk of your money back?

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