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  • esty100 esty100 Feb 28, 2012 1:36 PM Flag

    Esty buy DNDN, CORT for nice bounce

    Bashers..regardless what you've said..I've made money!! And that's all it matters in this online trading world!

    You seems to be the type who likes to pick on other people. Ya just another online bully who does nothing good for anyone but to pick on them and envy when they said they've made profits!

    I'm sure your mama isn't proud to have raised a child whom turned out to be a bully!!

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    • ESTY as far as you and ASKDOGCAt making money, you are both pathological liars, do you really think that everybody is that stupid to actually believe anything at all that you two vomit?

      I mean you guys were telling everybody to buy BPAX, and DNDN when they were MUCH higher, and ASKDOGCAT was getting pi)ssed off when we went over on his DNDN message board and heckling him over there.

      You really expect us to believe that you are both NOT losing your A)sses?

      And you consider somebody a bully for dishing back the s)hit you two idiots have been throwing around at EVERYBODY?

      It's pretty obvious to figure you out, you are a lost soul looking for something, you don't know what, and even if you you think you've found it you won't know what the hell to do with what you found.

      I don't believe your mother, or for that matter anybody is proud of you.

      You and ASKDOGCAT are total losers trying to bulls)hit your way through life.....problem for you guys is that you ain't fooling anybody at all.

      Somebody hosed you over real good, that's very obvious.

    • ... AAAAAAAHHHH HAHAHAHAHA !!!! and I'm very sure your mama isn't very proud of you for being so STOOPID..... LMFAO!!

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