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  • esty100 esty100 Feb 29, 2012 2:30 PM Flag


    You're an idiot. I've never said I posted from Starbucks.

    I said I have Starbucks coffee for you to help you stay up and spy on other people!!

    In any case, you can pick up the coffee from a drive through window.

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    • Well gee ESTY, how you gonna get me some STARBUCKS coffee.....if you ain't at STARBUCKS?

      You slipped up, that's not the crime of the century.

      Even I slip up, not as often as you do, but I do.

      Get over it, it's no big deal.

      Do you have your own booth at STARBUCKS?

      They don't keep staring at you wondering how long you're gonna nurse that latte do they?

      I mean that was late last night you were posting from there, oh wait a minute, I forgot you're on the west coast, my bad.

      Is this too much for you to read ESTY?

      I now you have difficulties with more than ten words at a time, I'll try and dumb it down for you in the future posts ESTY.

    • ... and here BIMBO, if you send me your address, I'll give ya 50 cents so you can go buy a cucumber, I mean after all your boyfriend Ask his name prefers men the little queer he is....... JUST HILARIOUS THIS BIMBO..... LMFAO AS USUAL AT THIS SKANK.....

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