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  • breezerwave breezerwave Aug 22, 2012 1:50 AM Flag


    Agreed. Short selling should be against the law. Does nothing but put instability in the market. Plus the whole concept of being able to sell something one does not own. Does not make sense.

    Ok, so they borrow against shares they don't own to sell. But hey, if a person lived in a neighborhood and others outside the neighborhood could sell that person's home as an investment the transaction does nothing but bring down the price of that person's home, sell it transactionally many times over and fosters instability as to pricing.

    Plus, the whole notion of betting against progress and that companies will do well is counterproductive. If one wants to gamble, they can go to vegas. Hopefully, eventually regulators will see the light and eliminate short selling. If someone wants to sell shares they should own them first.

    A bit different but sort of similar concept applies to the sale of homes. This whole notion of a listed price not being a maximum for the seller. I agree there should be no limit on what a seller can charge but once the seller sets a list price then if someone offers that it should go into contract. Sure if it does not work they can lower the price but they should not be able to post a list price and then take more just like if one sees a tv set listed at the store, the store should not be able to tell you they want more than list price by the time you carry the tv to the register. Realtors encouraged sellers instead to set list prices low creating bidding wars, providing uncertainty in knowing what really was a realistic market price and eliminating the ability in many cases for proper due diligence and protection.

    I would love to see short selling made illegal as well as the ability to sell a home for more than listed price. Both concepts relate to protection of investments and investment values by regulating against instability.

    As to Threshold, ultimately the robustness of the company will prevail and many shorts will be left having made a bad investment decisions. Just like my stock Vertex did earlier this year, good news could hit any time and the stock could jump. Vertex jumped 80% in a day or two last spring upon positive news. I had noticed prior to that that Vertex was expanding its offices substantially. Odds are Threshold management knows what it is doing as to the effectivity of this drug and shorts will start panicing and feeling squeezed very soon. Threshold has announced it will announce multiple results.

    From Threshold's recent posting here is recent success and upcoming news:

    Key accomplishments during the quarter were as follows:

    Results from the Phase 2 "404 trial" studying TH-302 in patients with first-line advanced pancreatic cancer were presented at the AACR (American Association for Cancer Research) Annual Meeting in Chicago
    Announced $20 million milestone payment from Merck KGaA for positive results from Phase 2 trial of TH-302 in pancreatic cancer
    Presented two posters, one from the "406 trial" and one from the "407 trial" at 2012 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago
    Appointment of Robert Simon as Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs

    Key Milestones

    The Company currently anticipates the following key clinical milestones for TH-302:

    Report overall survival results and updated top-line efficacy analysis from the "404 trial" in the second half of 2012
    Report interim results by year end 2012 from the "408 trial" and the "410 trial"
    Provide an update in the first half of 2013 on the interim progression free survival futility analysis for the "406 trial"

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    • "As to Threshold, ultimately the robustness of the company will prevail and many shorts will be left having made a bad investment decisions"


      That sums it up ! The games will be played, but in the end, THLD will have an effective drug on the market. It's as simple as that. Share price ?? Use your imagination. Pro-drug being used in combo with many other chemo drugs! Those that exist now, those currently in trials , and those that have not even been imagined yet ! ;)

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