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  • crawfordlong1815 crawfordlong1815 May 12, 2011 4:33 PM Flag

    Use is Exploding

    Ofirmev has become a quick favorite of ALL our surgeons and anesthesiologists. Our pharmacy is having a hard time stocking the ORs everyday. We are doing knee scopes and quick gyn cases without opioids. We give ketoralac, ofirmev and local. Pt has awake quickly, no PONV, and pain free. Out the door in 20-30 mins post op. Amazing.

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    • is the stock price...

    • Yes, I know nothing about healthcare system, only been in it for 29 years. I know all about the DRG system. If you don't believe what some hospitals are charging for the drug, call some of them and ask them. Pharmacies will charge what they want as part of the DRG and if they don't want providers to use certain drugs, they will mark them as high as they want and force them to use other drugs. It happens all the time, sorry to say. My last post and good luck to you all.

    • My hospitals do not charge anything above manufacturer price for in-patients. There is a "dispensary fee" for out-patients. True, Canada has government controlled/delivered healthcare, and drugs are free for inpatients.

      Cant say what is exactly going in US, healthcare delivery, and pricing is much different than in Canada. On the other side, I do not buy story charging whoever ( patient, hospital, or insurance ) 800$ for a vial of 10$ drug. Pharmacy make some profit, and many times they might make deals getting drugs for discounted price. Some IV drugs, like chemotherapy, or new IV biotherapy for cancer, MS, and so no, can cost up to 100K ( take DNDN 93K price for example ), and pharmacy will charge 1 or 2M? Absurd, and not true....

    • My hospital the mark up is 4 X's cost.

    • Show me a hospital that marks up the drug 20 times cost and I will show you a 1000 hospitals that mark drugs between 2-4 times cost. I agree you can charge anything, but you will not be reimbursed more than AWP -15%.

    • I guess you don't know much about the healtchare system works. The pharmacy could charge one million dollars for the drug. It doesn't matter. They are only going to get a pre determined rate for a spcefic diagnosis. DRG. So the cost to the hospital and pt and system is $10/vial. Not $800 or 10,000 per vial. It is a $10 drug, which is very cheap considering all the meds out there that costs hundreds.

    • That is not true. Hospitals get reimbursed through contracts with insurance companies. Something get for $50 they cannot charge 800 and get reimbursed from an insurance company. If it is a cash customer they can bill for whatever they want and hopefully they will get paid.

    • First off, as one other person said that I am short, I don't own the stock and could care less.

      Secondly, hospitals do mark up drugs like this. I sell another one that is marked up 17 times. This is done by pharmacy. If you don't understand this concept, you do not spend much time in hospitals as I do. Pharmacy sets the prices of drugs and they are rewarded for not using more drugs, especially expensive drugs. You have to understand the silo mentality of a hospital. One dept, ie pharmacy, will make more money for using less drugs. I am often baffled about how different parts of the hospitals don't work together or don't seem to care about outcomes. That might be coming in the future with healthcare changes but right now pharmacy is rewarded to use dirt cheap drugs like morphine. Sorry to break that to you but it is a fact. It really hurts the sales of my drug when they take a $50 drug and sell it for $800. The doctors in turn are very hestitant to use and you also have to realize that pharmacy will often highly recommend what drugs they can and cannot use. It happens all the time.

      BTW, this price for IV Tylenol was brought up to me by an anesthesia doctor as well as a cardiac surgeon who were very aware of what the price was and very disappointed in how expensive it was.

    • First of all hospitals do not mark up drugs 20 times. Usual and customary might be 2.5 times. However most drugs fall under a DRG so it is in the best interest to get the patient out early. Doing a colorectal procedure and not using opoids assures that the patients colon will have bowel sounds on day two and they can get the patient out by day three. That saves the hospital money by decreasing LOS. The other scenario is the patient is able to be discharged quicker because they did not get big doses of opoids.

    • Not true. Another shorts bull. Looking forward for Q3-Q4.....

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