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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 May 2, 2013 11:39 PM Flag


    We know, Ofirmev is a great product, cash cow. Now, management is doing all right moves!
    Will brake 7.50-8.0 resistance in short order.
    From this point going only in one direction, up.
    Acute pain therapy is bullet and recession proof product.

    - money coming in, and cutting cost, looks like they let go a few reps ( thank you, I got my wish: more money less cost )

    - margins up and will stay north of 60%

    - looking at new product, but not rushing in

    - coming to Canada soon ( I can see Ofirmev used for almost all ortho cases and laparoscopic surgery at my place )

    - adding more money in the bank ( no dilution unless some major acquisition )

    - new accounts, plus increasing number vials per patient

    - very respectable guidance ( I have feeling management underestimating and numbers will be a "surprise" )

    - they feel very strong about IP, generics are not an issue, most likely settlement before court date...

    - unprofessional Baxter is out, no more supply/manufacturing distractions, building new plant with Baxter is off the table

    - very likely buyout target once they are north of 100M and positive cash flow

    - we will have very soon published reports in med journals and increase visibility at all pain meetings/conferences

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