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  • jmasi2750 jmasi2750 Aug 1, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Ted and Mgmt have lost credability that is why stock got slammed

    Although they painted a rosy picture, his sales update showed sales to be around 26.7-27 million, and they come in with 24.6 million. Does that mean $2.4 million was returned or were the numbers estimates. When they post those number and they say there is a 4% not being reported. The numbers should only go up or stay the same. Going into the last week of July the expectations were that sales would come in around 26.7-27 million based on what they wre publishing. Then they release earnings at 24.6 million. It shows management is incompetent, nor did they offer up an explanation as to why the numbers differ.
    I am long the stock and think Cadx has a bright future, however I think they could be in play unless they start to deliver better forecast and sales.

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    • J you are too harsh. Some of that sales might be rolled in next Q numbers. Did you listen to CC? I like a number of things. Buying on dips. Look at:

      -they do not see summer seasonality
      - up the whole year guidance
      -open to generic settlement if there is a reasonable offer
      -they are aware of industry M&A, did not deny buyout possibility
      -got Canada approval, looking to go solo or in partnership
      - increased number of new accounts, and repeat orders
      - increasing number of vials per patients
      - they did not tap on yet non-surgical market, incl ER, ICU
      -cost improving, save some money on reps?