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  • briedwards123 briedwards123 Sep 3, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    How about the negative news on Acetaminophin?

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    • We have had this duiscussion on the board before! The issue is with chronic use of "PO" tylenol which is taken subchronically and/or chronically. CADX IV version is used acutely a few times and then stopped because of the nature of the route of administration.

      If this is causing CADX drop today, then its totally stupid and not based on medicine! its market shenannigans!

      Oh I bought some more---if this goes below 5.00 based on the fundamentals, then somebody is basically trying to destroy the company as no fundamentals support this action!But I am not buying anymore--no sense researching a lack of common sense to the PPS action!

      From now on post this mornings buy, I am on hold!



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      • dpca10 Sep 3, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

        From a physicians perspective, the warning is irrelevant and in fact previously known. Furthermore the warning is for Oral Tylenol not IV. The path to metabolism is fairly different between the two, this is why the IV formulation is vastly less toxic to the liver. Warnings like this might affect an over the counter drug but will have no impact whatsoever on physician decision to use Ofirmev. In case anyone is curious about huge side effect profile differences oral vs IV just look at testosterone.

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      • Kutz,

        In addition short interest down to 2, 361,000 shares. If this was going to hell and a hand basket the shorts would be piling on, not jumping off.

        I agree with your analysis. Not only is this old news but the fact that IV tylenol is only used in a hospital setting where it is closely monitored would negate what the safety is.

        May as well buy a few more for myself.

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