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  • naydin2005 naydin2005 Feb 12, 2014 9:54 AM Flag

    On Monday we will have a new offer.

    That is what I am guessing due to accumulation of all these lawsuits filings.

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    • Monday the market is closed, but if we do not have one by Tuesday, I would say its a done deal. Keep in mind the lawsuits, are lawyers looking to make some greenmail. They base there potential lawsuits on Needham's $15.00 dollar price. Needham does not really follow the stock like myself, or some others on this board. Smith on stocks SA gives very insightful analysis. This essentially wsa a one trick pony and it was easy to forecast. I think this offer came out of left field since it was after CADX issued that updated guidance. My question to management is would it have been better to wait the year and see where the stock price goes, in light of an increase in price per vial, and an increase in vial usage. I think potentially it could have been a very good company if Ted was able to get some licensing deals with other small Pharma companies. They have a very good sales force which for the most part will be dismantled. I am not saying they will all get layed off, but Mallinkrodt will have layoffs to ingrate the Cadx sales forec if it goes throughh. They will keep the highest producers and let the rest go.