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  • baltbear Feb 13, 2012 6:51 PM Flag

    Imminent Warrant Expiration

    towards glide/soar:
    if somebody executed 9/16 wt, isco gained 9/16 fuel reserves.
    if somebody buys 7/16 on mkt, isco either gains nothing, since the shares come from somebody attempting to lose mass;
    or gains a high fraction of 7/16 if the shares come from aspire, which bets bernoulli style on the relative velocity of over/under; with its supply available as mass to change the angle of the flaps.

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    • Hey Balt, I get that one loud and clear - great metaphor! I'm sure the usual gang of suspects who's gyros get tumbled with every one of your missives have really gone Tango Uniform on this one.

      Now what would expired non-exercised cashless warrants be, metaphorically? I know: external tanks hanging on the wings. Any warrant holder caught out not exercising when they could didn't slurp out the fuel in time for their own benefit. But to ISCO itself as of the 5 pm PST, 2/12/12 expiration, they could punch those babies off, getting rid of both the drag and the weight to the benefit, though relatively small, of the company.

      Here's to more streamlining, less dead weight, and on-target execution...

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      • baltbear Feb 14, 2012 5:09 PM Flag

        yeah... :-)
        it gets really easy when u drop all the "conspiracy theories"-- since, duh,. it is a conspiracy, and has been since the buttonwood treaty.
        the "punch off" will show up as done ~0515 in the 10q's explanation of "adjusted" +/- per share.
        recalling at all times that the hat test needs to be continually redone as the craft accelerates.