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  • baltbear Apr 28, 2012 7:24 PM Flag

    Meeting slides

    dyoop also has a dozen or more aliases, as i learned when i put him on ignore.
    on the other hand, there's a guy who is in/out of actc with a similar looking name--to these eyes--dhparsonsjr, who dyoop may be counterfeting, but is courteous and wirth reading.

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    • balt,i have 2 id's that i have not tried to hide i have stated so, on this and other boards. that this something that drropptheactpump machine will never admit to. have free but poor internet access.if one does not work,sometimes the other does.sometimes far as his recent post about reverse split,i am certain that it was intentional,even though it was about actc.i am pretty sure that this gives actc another opportunity to further dilute.dryoop is nothing but a sociopath,that leads others to financial destruction as he profits.