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  • mpham1974 mpham1974 May 12, 2008 12:59 PM Flag

    been over 4 weeks since I filled up on gas

    and I laugh at the fools making me rich. here I own oil and natural gas plays and these commoners are making me richer. I love walking to the store and counting cars on the road. for every car that goes by, I tell myself "1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny". those pennies sure do add up. last time I filled up on gas was over 4 weeks ago. I throw aside 15 bucks every week for gas. I am up to 60 bucks as of last friday. this friday, I might actually have to fuel up. my gas tank is down to 1/3 of a tank. just wanted to say thank you to all the suckers driving on the road making me happy

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    • and these greedy oil guzzlers have NO respect for their and any other young children. In years to come most of the worlds oil supplies will be gone and IDIOTS like many on this board will be the reason for it. I commend you for your concern about the future. Hope all those greedy suv drivers cant unload the gas guzzlers and we return to rationing in the future. Mpham 1974 dont share your allotment with them.. Let them walk.

    • "Likely your father told you something similar(substitute "junior high school" for "college") and look how that's turned out. "

      turned out just fine. Im in better shape than the average college student that owes around 200k and making 60k a yr(if he/she's lucky enough) before taxes. by the way, scrooge and mr krabs from sponge bob are my american idols. when I see a penny laying on the ground, I lunge for the beautiful, shiny, metalic object. nothing better than watching my pockets getting fatter and the average american falling further into the abyss of financial disaster. Im sure alot of us on this message board feel the same way as me. we feed off the demise of others

    • Ok if ya are a kid, then ya are doing fine. I did that for years and years. Saved a bunch and when I did get fancy, ate chuck steak. BTW, there are some vegitable soups you can do with hamburger that are great.

      If your are old and getting rich, what are you living for? Leave it to someone other than you that worked for it? WHY! I get buried for free, gave my body to science, wife, much younger will eventually get my ashes, another thing she might keep in our house we don't need.

      For me, I am not all that old, and do like beans and such, but love ribeyes, t-bones and such on the BBQ. I spend almost nothing on gas, fill up about every three or so months, cause I don't work. If I got worried about it would get a scooter like my neighbor has for fun, mainly for his kid, that takes no gas.

      Saving gas and gathering money is not just saving on an old car, car repairs are expensive, and I don't do my own anymore. I doubled pained my windows in my hours, and in about 2010 might do solar panels. There is some good stuff I just heard about that is near production.

      Overall, if you spend your life not living it, and save every dollar, when you die what did you get? Ya got death like all of us will have. Other choice is ya have some fun, spend some money, and if ya die broke, shit, ya be dead.

      Actually if I had my life to do over, I would have had more fun when younger, and worked longer when older. When older ya just are happy if ya can get an errection, not take out a young, good looking woman, for dinner. When ya die, what memory do ya want to have? Dining on beans and crud, or enjoying life some with some nice looking woman at a good resturant? How to you want to die with memories? If it is your current car and your current eating habbits, then ya are doing just fine.

      Good luck to you.

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      • "when I did get fancy, ate chuck steak. BTW, there are some vegitable soups you can do with hamburger that are great."

        my idea of a fine steak is a grilled piece of bologna. Im not talking about the oscar eyer kind. im talking generic thrifty maid steak(or bologna)

        "Overall, if you spend your life not living it, and save every dollar, when you die what did you get? Ya got death like all of us will have. Other choice is ya have some fun, spend some money, and if ya die broke, @#$%, ya be dead."

        tell yah what meccah, you spend your money and die happy. I'll die and pass on my wealth to my son. rich is getting richer. unlike his father, I want the boy to have an advantage

    • Minny, FYI, here in "the states" we dont refer to people as
      "these commoners". That's across the pond. Here in the
      states everyone is a "commoner". And, FYI, across the pond,
      some commoners are quite wealthy, while other non-commoners
      are quite poor. It's a social hierarchy, not monetary.


      > thank you to all the suckers driving on the road making
      > me happy

      Sorry, I prefer driving on the road as to the sidewalks or
      ditches; get better gas mileage on the road and have to
      flick fewer people off of the grill... Wait, they were
      commoners, weren't they?!....

      I enjoy the peace and serenity of the country way too much
      to live "in town", so driving comes with the territory. It's
      just a price we have to pay... Kinda like city folk having
      to pay higher property taxes to support all the "services"
      they desire. It's all a price to pay for what you want...

      Meanwhile, I filled up the Mastercraft last night; she's
      running like top! Crest pontoon work tonight; another 50
      gallons there. :-) Last time I filled either of them
      up was.... early October last year.

      Also, I really enjoyed riding to work again this morning
      on my motorcycle... Lovely 12 mile stroll down the road;
      took all of 15 minutes (had to stop at 1 stop light)...
      No riding tomorrow; looks like rain. I'll have to drive
      the ole gas guzzling Honda I suppose... Damn.

    • "I tell myself "1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny". "

      You paint quite a vivid picture.

      I can actually see you waddling along behind your shopping cart muttering "1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny, 1 penny," while all the normal people frantically search their pockets and purses for a penny for the deranged man.

    • If gas stays at the $4+ level in the US, expect at least a 3-5 year global recession. That would be the best case senario........ it may spread into the first world wide global depression.

    • mpham1974, you have a ways to go to out cheap me. I've only filled my gas tank 3 times this year (Jan 15, Mar 11, and Apr 17). My total cost for gasoline is $95.75 for the past 4.5 months. I do need to get 2 gallons this week for my lawnmower, but that will last the rest of the year for cutting my lawn

    • yea, but you look real stupid riding that vespa in the snow.
      If i'm elected president we will have gas rationing so the big cats can't waste it while everyone else suffers with higher prices.

    • "been over 4 weeks since I filled up on gas"

      I would say you're more or less permanently 'full of it.'

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      • chuk, I always set my gauge at zero after filling up my gas tank. this mourning when going to work, I looked at my gauge and it says 239 miles. yes sir. I drove 239 miles since my last fill up which was 4 fridays ago. I drive straight home after work and don't go anywhere. if I need to go somewhere, I would walk or not go and find something to do around the house. it does work. you should try it. this friday I have to say I might actually have to fill up though. if I do make it to this friday, that'll be 5 weeks before having to fill up. I profit off people. I don't profit off of myself cause it's pointless. my oil well stocks are shooting up and paying me hefty dividends, my pipeline stocks are staying in the green, my gas stocks are set to make a run, and my energy stocks are staying steady while disbursing 4-6% dividends. thank you america for driving. you are really making me richer. keep up the good work : )

    • Love my big SUV! I fill it up every week for commuting to work, take long,great gas guzzling trips on vacation, and love driving in New York where all the taxis give way to a dented,beat up SUV! Do I care about the price of gas? Of course not. The dividends from my ACAS stock pays for gas...and,hey, the way Malon and his team are jacking the dividend I'll be fine for a long time! And every time I see a pedestrian or small car driver, I say," Just another Enron Loser!"

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