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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Aug 23, 2008 8:54 AM Flag

    Obama Picks Biden for Running Mate

    WASHINGTON | Barack Obama named Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware as his vice presidential running mate early Saturday, balancing his ticket with a seasoned congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.

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    • Wriskit, "You may not remember it. No matter. No fight. No mas. ?:<) "

      ¡Ah! ya me acuerdo. ¡Cómo no, camarada!

    • the program was Mission:Impossible ... too bad we couldn't use that team to get Osama Bin Laden ... makes more sense than trying to do it with an army ... doesn't cost as much either. No wonder the republicans eschewed the obvious answer to 9/11... and it turns out we did it for oil, to boot.

    • Sorce, no fight between us, just a mild New York discussion .... come on, you live here now ... the disappearing message was a riff off a very popular old TV adventure show about a secret gov't group of intelligence experts who get their assignments on tapes placed in telephone booths that disintegrate after the tape is played with their new assignment to fight foreign enemies of the USA. You may not remember it. No matter. No fight. No mas. ?:<)

    • Comrade Wriskit,

      I think you're trying to pick a fight with me. That post was a bit pugnacious of you. If you want fight read Ferdie and Luktrot or get back into it with Ferdie. I think you're all fine fellows even if you're pugnacious.

      I came to the conclusion about 10 years ago that revolution, Boston Tea Parties/tax revolts, and the like would not work or were not worth it in the U.S.. Politicians know that if they "build a better mouse trap/handout, people will beat a path to their door", but they need taxpayer money to do it. It's much more effective and a lot easier, in my opinion, to "vote with your feet" and deprive politicians of your tax than try to do a Boston Tea Party. Of course, that is if you don't like having choices like voting for Socialist/Marxist Obama or a Socialist McCain for one example. Some people love it, and I can understand that. Some people hate it, and I can understand that too.

      I was just looking at all the websites spouting revolutionary comments against the U.S. govt. What a waste! B. Clinton started building gulag centers/compounds or retention centers (whatever you want to call them) for those guys (I suspect), and Bush has expanded and increased the number of detention centers.

      Comrade, I really am your friend so don't argue with me. You don't ask a Comrade (like a lawyer who's cross examining) "How about offering some specific figures...". I told you of my experience, take a fellow Comrade's word for it. Check it out on the Web for current figures if you want. Don't cross-examine me. And don't do that other lawyer bit and put words in my mouth. I recommended Prague "for 'anyone' who needs inexpensive and top quality dental work". I said nothing about their their welfare state, let alone about liking it. I've been saying over and over again, "each country has it's good and it's bad." I paid my Prague dentist. I didn't take welfare.

      As to your comment, "You can also explain why Arabic will outpace Spanish, English, and Chinese." No I can't! It's to complex for me. I just see it happening. I know NYC is still big in Spanish, but Arabic is expanding very fast there from what I've seen. And I can tell you, it's already very, very, big in Europe and making fast progress in Canada and the U.S.. But that's old news. Surely Comrade, that's nothing new that you don't already know?

      I'm more certain about Arabic replacing English and Spanish in the Europe, Canada, and the U.S., then elsewhere. I'm pretty certain it will never replace Mandarin in China. Chinese leaders don't build "a better mouse trap/handout" for people to beat a path to their door. It looks like Chinese leaders will be doing things like offering sanctuary/refuge to Christians instead (from my reading of a WSJ article), and no doubt they'll have to learn Mandarin (like their Muslim population). The Chinese evidently still believe in maintaining their language and culture. There's something almost quaint about that in the U.S.. Chinese leaders indicated Christians are "desirable", because they are "hard working", etc.. And Comrade! I said nothing about Arabic replacing Chinese in my prior post. There you go putting words in my mouth again!

      BTW, Comrade Wriskit, "f you accept my challenge, this message should disappear in 10 seconds." What's that? Some kind of slur? If so, it's not very Comrade of you. Anyway, I don't get it. Messages live forever -- like good Comrades -- in cyberspace.

      "Can't we all just get along." LOL

      Your true Comrade,


    • maybe so. now those same people are walking the streets collecting cans.

    • Sorce, How about offering some specific figures on your dental savings plus vacation. Most people go to Costa Rica to combine a vacation with inexpensive but high quality dental work, especially for implants. For joint replacements, India is the country of choice for people without Medicare or private health insurance. For those with either, I suggest the Hospital for Special Surgery right here in NYC, although there are many excellent facilities throughout the USA. For the poor, it's still more difficult here than in Prague. You can explain why you like their welfare state, but have always hated our attempts to emulate them. No need for you to be consistent in your reply. I do not expect the impossible from you. You can also explain why Arabic will outpace Spanish, English, and Chinese. f you accept my challenge, this message should disappear in 10 seconds.

    • Too bad Galt's Gulch, Colorado isn't a real place.

    • Obama's choice of Biden over Hillary indicates that the party has chosen to hype a message of bringing the people of this country together while choosing one of the most bitter partisans for his running mate. He has done little for his country, only for himself and the party political gain. The message and the actions are not in sync.

    • Conrade Wriskit, I think you've been studying Spanish to much lately, and you're losing your grasp of English.

      Wriskit < please tell us where you would go or tell us you choose not to tell us. >

      I don't know why you ask "tell us you choose not to tell us", because that's what I did already. I said, quite clearly, "I'm not going to tell you another country is better." And, "I won't, because each country has it's good and it's bad."

      Conrade you posted, "You once liked the czech republic." I do like Prague. There are lots of Americans living there. I went there for dental work and vacation. 3 weeks (2 1/2 of pure vacation) cost me about 1/2 of what I would have paid a dentist in the U.S.. I can recommend Prague for "anyone" who needs inexpensive and top quality dental work.

      Let me repeat, "In a global economy it's about seeking the best deal." In other words, it's my belief, a person should go where ever they can get the best deal. That's what I do, and that's what is keeping me out of the U.S. more and more.

      BTW, I think you should forget your Spanish. Spanish is going to be going the way of English. Demographic studies point out that the U.S. will be a Muslim country very soon. Study Arabic.

    • Sorce<<What do you want? Do you want me to say another country is better? I won't, because each country has it's good and it's bad.>>
      Please stop your string of banal generalities. You stated ferdie and other people of means should flee the coming USA revolution. You implied you had long ago prepared for this eventuality. I have been asking you where you would go. Please stop beating around the Bush, your old favorite, who brought us to this sorry point in this nation's history: please tell us where you would go or tell us you choose not to tell us. Try to be specific, it will greatly improve your communicative skills. I'm just trying to be helpful as a good comrade.

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