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  • billypacker19 billypacker19 Mar 4, 2009 12:50 AM Flag

    I have a good feeling on this company and stock

    Regardless of all the market to market, and write downs, I think good things are about to happen. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and its not an oncoming train. The stock is going to rebound with the market. i see $5.00/share in the cards for ACAS short term. I see mild writedowns in Q1, and write ups in Q2,Q3,Q4 of 09. The dividend will be paid in stock to preserve cash. Thats good news, it means acas will be able to survive as a BDC. Debt will get paid down. Thats great news! I believe the stock will trade around $5.00 in 2009, and $10-$15 in 2010. 2011 we will be back into growth mode. For the surviving companies, including ACAS, those that invested near the lows will be very well off. ACAS is all about survival, they are a company who made a living off turning other companies around. I have faith in ACAS management, and I believe they will preserve shareholder value the best they can. I am not concerned about the stock price of today, but rather the long term, as I too, am I long term investor. I believe in the buy and hold approach to investing, even in stocks like ACAS, I believe even those who bought @30.00/share will see those valuations again as we enter into growth, and trade above NAV. If you can, add to your positions at 0.75c/share. Dont worry about day to day price changes. Debt agreements will hopefully get amended, and in such a way that will allow for acas not to worry about breaching them, as they continue to pay down debt and increase shareholder value.

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