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  • bullinveststock bullinveststock May 10, 2006 12:41 PM Flag


    Jerry spoke about accountability - but what about this...
    * This company has been around for 15+ years now and these process issues still exist. While the current CFO now is dealing with these issues, what about the CFO who presided over the mess before - is she being held accountable?
    * What has been Sapient's record for drawing experience from the Industry. How many high profile execs have they hired from the IT consulting industry in the last 5 years across geographies to bring in diverse experiences to be able to scale? I havent seen (m)any announcements.

    So my fears with this company are:
    a) No new leadership or fresh ideas
    b) No real strategic plan to scale
    c) No accountability at the exec level

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    • I couldnt aggree with you more!!!
      I think Jerry and Stu have brought the company so far. But I think growing this larger is beyond their capability.
      I dont see influx of fresh blood at the senior management level to bring in experience of running a big business. Hire a partner from Accenture or something...
      I hope they soon realise this.

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      • The culture of arrogance is so strong at Sapient that no senior person from a real firm would ever work there for more than a few months. They tried this in 2002 regarding sales, and all the sales execs were gone within months.

        It's interesting. SAPE hired Harvard grads to work in reception. I'm not kidding, as they felt they should simply hire the smartest people on the planet. The problem of course is that overqualified people tend to micro-manage things that don't need to be micro-managed. The result is evident.

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