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  • svennyand svennyand Jul 8, 2006 7:58 PM Flag

    employees do have hope

    Speaking from experience I think this company does have something to offer. At least at the manager level and below they have some quality people; the issue is around the relics who are in charge�..primarily directors and above. The original slogan of this company in 97� least when I joined 8 years ago, was �no politics� I think the vice presidents of today should start to adhere to this or take their personal agenda�s some place else...There are definitely old timers that need to be removed (and redundancies never seem get them)��.time to clean this house out.......

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    • You have a point but it is so political. When I was there they promoted "out of the box" thinking and enthusiasm. In some cases I saw people getting bashed at others expense for no apparant reason. How quickly this company went from a "culture" to about the almighty dollar. Accountability Accountability Accountability. The lost art of being a consultant. What can i do for myself....