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  • nonameindiv nonameindiv Jul 24, 2006 9:13 PM Flag

    Goldman Sachs Downgrade

    Looks like GS downgraded SAPE to sell today.

    Way to go Jerry....another analyst you have made quite an impression on.

    Can't wait for all the yada, yada . yada Jerry and co will spout during the eps results in a couple of weeks. Im sure more talk of "changes will take time". In the meantime, shareholder value continues to be destroyed.

    I suppose the only justice is Jerry's blunders continue to hit his own wallet.So he suffers like the rest of shareholders.

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    • got_screwed_by_internet got_screwed_by_internet Jul 26, 2006 11:30 AM Flag

      this is of particular interest here. GS was one of the underwriting firms as well as a huge customer of SAPE in the beginning days of it going public.

      another observation is that we're near an all time low and yet GS is downgrading to sell. somewhat indicates that they believe there to be significant downside remaining as well as significant risk to immediate quarters.

      they have reduced their annual earnings estimates for the next 3 years below the concensus estimates. they are revising their 12 month price target by 9% to 4.15 from 4.54.

      so, where to others think SAPE is going to come in with their earnings? based on the action and lack of enthusiasm, they will come in a penny shy of estimates and low on the revenue. i think they will blame currency flux and increasing costs. they will likely point to a softening of the market. but, does that really fly? they are such a small player in a huge market... another excuse for lack of execution...

      i think their turnover will remain over 20% as employees continue to be disappointed about compensation and direction of the company.

      net net... i continue to be bearish on SAPE and if they do indeed miss earnings and miss revenue, this stock will easily see the 3 range.