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  • peakbagger1975 peakbagger1975 Aug 4, 2006 12:06 PM Flag

    employment opps.

    Looking into employment with SAPE in a business analyst or business consultant role. Looking for any feedback from current employees as far as joining the company would be concerned - is it a good time to join up or what?

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    • If you are experienced:
      No one as SAPE will respect your experience and you'll be looked down on for questioning the business practices and go to market strategy of a firm that makes no money, while the consulting industry is red hot.

      If you are not experienced:
      You will get experience that the rest of the industry does not respect. Hence, it is a waste of your time.

      My advice, go Big 4 or if you've got a really hot resume, one of the blue chip firms(Bain, McKinsey, etc). The alumns from those firms do really well, so you'll have a great network of movers and shakers. I don't know one Sape alum who has done anything noteworthy, while I know dozens of C level ex Big 4.

    • seehowstupidallofthissounds seehowstupidallofthissounds Aug 4, 2006 9:32 PM Flag

      I hear that there are some high level business consulting openings as of late.

      But honestly, if you want to do consulting and have an actual business background, SAPE isn't the place to do it. If you've got your MBA from a really good school, make a run at the top tier strategy consulting guys. If you've got an MBA from an OK school, try Accenture and the like. If you are an undergrade with a business background, still make a run at Accenture or the like. If you have no business background, go to school and go to the best one you can. Then start at the top.

      As for SAPE and business consulting? Don't bother. Nobody will respect that on your resume.

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      • thanks for the feedback. Are you a current/former consultant there? I have a mid-tier MBA (well-respected school locally but only average player on the national scene) and 6 yrs. experience in financial services and technology product mgmt. Definitely not seeking "consulting" in specific, but a good fit with my background. What's your take on SAPE's reputation for technology consulting in specific? The position I am looking into is on a project with major asset mgmt firm running working in their investment ops systems...

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