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  • galeakillebrew galeakillebrew Oct 20, 2006 10:59 AM Flag

    Sapient Prospects

    It seems doubtful to me that A.H. can fill Jerry's shoes. He more appropriately is a client development lead, and I'd expect that the surrounding talent that exists will have a difficult time digesting his ascension. At best that will mean an internal makeover and the resultant time and financial investment that will ensue.

    Jerry too had his limitations as an exec -- never surrounding himself with (or recognizing?) the best talent, half-step approaches to cost reduction efforts that dragged on for years, and a wishy-washiness on the marketing services capability and message that has left Sapient half-in and half out.

    Still, Jerry is extremely smart and has the respect of large clients and core team members. They believe the Sapient claim of on-time, on budget delivery. While that claim is more commoditized now, the exeuction and approach are not. Jerry seemed to me to be the warranter of that claim. Now who is?

    Sapient would do well to focus on two or three things. It is a niche size SI firm that can serve niche solution effectively. It seems it has done decently well in the energy field, and has hooks into governmental-like work. It has a good India-based capability -- but focused on what differentiator? I'd like to see them claim dominance on something focused: SAP maintenance for Retail, CRM for Financial Services, etc, and build around that.

    When they do those things I'll become an investor. I'm more bullish than others (it seems) on this board -- at least about potential. Right now, it seems obvious that things are weakening internally, and externally the firm has barely kept up with a rising market.


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    • Buddy,

      Sapient's problem has always been it serves no niche. It's vertical approach is to do nice looking websites for different vertical markets. It has no deep functional skills in any vertical. It lives off the discretionairy marcom spending dollars of business groups with money to spend on portals, extranets, websites.

      When they get big project, they choke. Give me a break on the SAP work. They acquired someone who knew something about SAP. They should have done this 10 years ago.

      This is a dog with fleas.

    • this is was SAPE was before the internet gamble Jerry went for (a $5 Billion gamble -- his own words too!)

      So SAPE is back into SI where it started and should have stayed.

    • Dear Friends:
      I sure hope Mr. Greenberg has excellent time management skills. At $750/hour a five minute value-added trip to the men's room will cost us some $63! Well enjoy I say. Next step is a cameo on CNBC new hit series "Lock-up."

      Warmest regards to all kind and learned collegues
      Uncle Han