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  • fsdfasdfasdwerwer fsdfasdfasdwerwer Jan 3, 2007 12:12 PM Flag

    earnings call on Jan 10

    preliminary earning to be released on Jan 10 (next wed).
    I believe there will be good news...

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    • Good news? Dont forget to add in the 15million in expenses for the options audit. Earnings will are negative with these expenses. As always even when this company wins it loses.

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      • probably not going to be 15MM in expense. will likely be restatements that will occur later on. interesting thing is that the time period that they are talking, options were given out like crazy. therefore, i wonder if that restatement is actually going to be quite large. it still boggles my mind that they have not done a reverse split with 124.64MM shares outstanding and countless options - roughly 18.6MM as of end of 2005 (according to SAPE's 10k annual report). despite many of those options being underwater, taking into account that things have been pretty much flat for 2006... wouldn't surprise me if not only the shares outstanding and options numbers have increased dramatically also.

        as previously mentioned, also interesting that their new CFO gets a half million shares... so add that to the total... they are issuing stock faster than they are buying the stock back. translation, they are burning through the cash.

        in any case, as to the earnings report - i think it is old news. somewhat irrelevant at this point unless they missed big time. people really want to know what alan is going to do now that jerry is essentially gone. whether he will execute and get the company growing again.

        gee, i also gotta wonder what's sheeroy thinkin... he's employee #3 and didn't get the pres job... interesting... sure sure, he's an operations guy.. he's the guy that gets things done.. he's not the president type.. nevertheless... it's gotta sting!