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  • evildauphin2 evildauphin2 Feb 1, 2007 9:41 PM Flag

    The brains has left the building...

    With Sheeroy departing, I think the 'brains' of the original triumvirate has now left the building. Jerry was the out-up-front sales guy, whilst Stuart was the soul-searching inside-man who nurtured the culture. Often hidden in the limelight of Jerry & Stuart, Sheeroy was responsible for a lot of the financial models and critical analysis that enabled Sapient to morph as successfully as it has...

    It will be interesting to see how the new guard perform...

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    • Stuart? Soul searching? Nurturing? I remember him searching for something but it was not 'soul'.

      Was never impressed by Presto. Sheeroy, Jerry and Des ran the joint.

    • financial models? uh, no, that would be jerry. sheeroy has a engineering background. he's always looked at delivery and execution against milestones and objectives that jerry had set forth.

      interesting move - sheeroy is probably leaving because he's pissed that he didn't get top job. he probably needs to realize that he wasn't the right person for that but nevertheless was upset. also contributing, was likely the new CFO and just a strong desire to just change the image and leave a perception that the company will be different.

      don't cry too hard, though, for sheeroy. he leaves the company after 15 or so years, being employee #3 after jerry and stuart... and many options / stock / cash as a result.

      his leaving, i suppose, is somewhat of a non-event.

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      • That's true about his engineering background... However a lot of the modified pricing work that was done to compete better against the likes of Wipro and Infosys was put together by Sheeroy. Also the original cost analysis that led to velocity was initiated and sponsored by him.

        I agree that not getting the top-spot probably made this inevitable, but having Preston Bradford take on the COO role and champion velocity is typical of Sapient to recycle insiders. He did a great job in cleaning up the Indian operation, but he made a hash of the Government group (hence his demotion last year) though...