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  • jmhayes_101 jmhayes_101 Aug 20, 2007 12:52 PM Flag

    stock buyback just announced

    $14 mil

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    • got_screwed_by_internet got_screwed_by_internet Aug 20, 2007 10:13 PM Flag

      two thoughts:

      1) "Shares repurchased will be held as treasury stock to be used to meet the Company's obligations under its employee benefit plans and for other corporate purposes." - tells me that while intersting, we're really only talking about 2-2.5MM shares and while this potentially lowers the number of shares outstanding, really, it is only going to offset the number of shares that the company grants as part of the compensation packages...

      2) from August 16th, "ISS said shareholders should not vote for the proposal because performance goals and hurdle rates were not established, nor were executive stock ownership guidelines."

      which appears (my opinion) to imply a recklessness of their practice of issuing of stock options. no goals... which i have to say, the issuance of stock and options to the CEO, CFO and some others appears to line the pockets of sr. mgmt with little downside. high salaries and high compensation practices...

    • I guess they have no better use for the cash. Doesn't give confidence they have booming business prospects does it. Just use the excess cash, repurchase stock, in order to enrich senior management, and fail to use the cash, instead, to further their market share, develop their human capital, etc....

      Not good.