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  • primaryengines primaryengines Jul 21, 2008 6:13 PM Flag

    And Greenberg and Moore keep selling

    Drip, drip, drip... Moore & Greenberg have been extracting their funds for months (years?)...

    They are insiders, maybe not technically, but they both have as much insight as any C level exec in the firm..
    They don't need the money for a life purchase (house, education, etc)... this is pure extraction.. pack it up and pull out.. they figured out a while ago that this company missed the train, and now with the Goldman downgrade everyone else knows it too..

    I hear that Sapient's execution skills/integration project quality control has gone to hell.. sad state of affairs, when you lose your basic faculties.. it's like grandpa reflecting on his youth.. of course, it didnt have to be this way.. (whatever you say pops.. here is your walker)

    But I didnt invest in Grandpa.. I invested in this POS... or more accurately I traded my good cash for Jerry & Stu's crappy shares, or more likely I gave them my money to spend on their new private jets, trophy nannys, whatever..