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  • stockpicker2 stockpicker2 Mar 13, 1998 11:24 PM Flag



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    • I doubt it will drop to 35, The drop to 40-41 was in notice to the offering of shares. I think if the earnings are good, then the offering will be forgotten (once it is completed).

      Anyway, that's a whole month off...

      And no, I do not have anything to base my feelings about the Q1 earnings. The consensus is for 30 cents. I don't have any reason to think SAPE won't beat it (as usual).

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      • I thought that by increasing the number of shares outstanding
        that there would be as much volatility.
        The Bid & Ask prices before the split were ridiculous.
        It was almost a full point difference.
        Price movements would change rapidly either way.

        The stock took a nice move up and then totally retraced
        the entire move back to the pre-split adjusted price I bought.
        So within a week or two it went from 39 up 45 and back down again.

        The insiders selling their stock isn't the best news but they have such large positions. It's the only reasonable way to sell portions of stock without holding the stock down by the overhanging supply by those sellers.

        The stock is in an upward trend and if this company can continue to grow at such a rapid rate. The P/E's and other valuations won't look so richly valued.