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  • HoofsnPaws HoofsnPaws Jan 26, 1999 11:23 AM Flag

    general question...

    Is SAPE really all that much better than CHRZ, KEA or CATP? Or are we just seeing a pre-split frenzy. Puzzled....

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    • 1. By whatever stretch of the imagination, SAPE
      is not an Internet company. Despite the hype from
      the company, Internet biz is still miniscule,
      relative to revenue.

      2. Look at what happened to
      Sape after each of the earnings releases for the last
      two years (except Oct. 98 when it tanked even before
      earnings). Wall St. hypes it up before earnings and it goes
      into a free fall afterwards.

      3. All the good
      news is built into the stock. There is nothing in the
      near future that can drive it up.

      4. It is
      trading at 76x next year earnings while growth rate is
      only in the low-40%. It has already gone up 3x from
      its low in Oct. last year. If you think it has more
      steam, think again.

      5. Do not forget that Sape
      does not offer a product or a specific customized
      service, its revenues depend on other companies giving it
      work to do. And, it does not do Y2k (which is good in
      the long-term), since companies are focusing on Y2K
      now, forget giving any work to Sape except for the
      minimum required.

      6. People are sheep. A
      fast-talking CEO is enuf to hype up the price.

      in the end, it's your money. You gotta decide.

    • My guess is that you are an options seller who is
      trying to drum up business by selling expensive puts. If
      you have any real reasons for forecasting $60 for
      SAPE before 2/28/99 please state them, or else put an
      end to the non-informative posts.

    • I know plenty of bears who have lost great
      profits from trying to time strong stocks like Sapient. I
      will ride out any dip with expectations for continued
      greatness. 7 years from now Sapient will be recognized as
      the best performing stock for the decade. And you
      will hear of great stories like if you invested $10k
      in 1996 it would be worth $1 million in 2006. With a
      fundamentally stong and consistent growth company like Sapient
      it will happen. They still have alot of fast
      manageable growth ahead of them for the next couple of years
      which should cause the stock price to come close to
      doubling next year and the year after. Of course this is
      all speculation.

    • ... soon parted.

      There is nothing wrong with liking the stock.
      But don't let that cloud your judgment over the next
      four weeks.

      $60 by the end of February. Only time will tell.

    • I knew we have something in common besides being very, very, long on Sapient.


    • Maybe 40, after splitting.

    • Now that Sapient is following the time-tested
      pattern of
      gradually falling prices after an earnings
      release, it may be
      prudent to get some March 60

      This can help in two ways: if you are not long, you
      make some decent money; if you are long,
      consider this as
      a protective put especially since the
      recent run-up.

      Whatever your philosophy on the
      stock, this is a prudent

      And, oh, buy
      me a lunch when Sapient hits 60 at the end of

      February :-)

    • Notice the low share sizes on the sells.
      Inidividual investors are taking profits, but no institutions
      are selling. They are holding their big

      There were two large trade, 10k and 15k (if you call
      that large) early this morning.

      SAPE will be
      upgraded soon. When SAPE holds in the 80's, it will split.
      SAPE is smart not to split wen the stock hovers near
      70. Who wants a split stock at 35?

    • ...not very impressive for a stock with a 75x P/E.

      ...i bet this thing gets cratered. my opinion.

    • Those who looked for $0.24 will sell. I'd expect
      a small sell off. Especially with no split
      announcement (yet).

      But the earnings did top a lot of
      analysts views.

      If you check out the Q4 news, SAPE
      has a lot of internet related business. That shows a
      good movement and focus on new technologies and into
      areas of public interest. That should boost the price
      and peoples belief (and trust) in SAPE continuing its
      predictable and stable growth cycle.

      The stock has
      doubled each year since public. Offered at $10 (after
      split) it is now near 80 in 3 yrs. (10 -> 20 -> 40
      -> 80.

      That's a good investment. Wan't $8,000
      profit in 1 year? Buy 100 shares now.


      -SAPE believer.

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