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  • consult_overview consult_overview Apr 29, 1999 11:41 AM Flag

    Something Positive is Up

    Who is buying the 10K, 20K, 50K blocks of stock? Someone is anticipating something, positive I assume.

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    • ...their business model has changed. They're not
      just an IT project company anymore, and they haven't
      been for a while. And as far as I can tell, the "green
      bean" model, as you call it, is still quite successful
      in the IT/Internet world. That's where all the
      talent is...

      As for another offering, unless you
      know something we don't, I would predict a graduated
      offering similar to what we've seen in the past. It's
      basic finance - when the stock is inflated, issue

    • Boy if SAPE is a dog, then that dog don't hunt.
      Up 5 1.2 today, wow. I hope that guy covered his
      short position.

      And how can SAPE fall to CATP's
      level. CATP missed earnings by 50%. You actually expect
      SAPE to miss by that amount. You must be at odds with
      the institutions, who have been holding and making
      huge gains. Public at about 25 pre-split. Now it's at
      about 70 post split. So from 25 to 140 in 38 months...
      that's 70% per year?

      I'll take that!

    • ...with all the analogies and cheerleading you do
      for SAPE.

      Scarlet hit this one on the head.
      The business "model" (hire green beans, work them to
      death, sell them on the culture and stock options) SAPE
      has worked off for the last 8 years is dying. Jerry
      is the only thing proping the price up right now.
      Look for another offering by the fall as the founders
      further "diversify" their holdings before the stock
      revalues around EDS, CTP levels.

    • TPEG(Nasdaq) has its shareholder meeting on May
      26, 1999 and will formally pass changing its name
      from TPEG to "Internet and Technology Resources" (IATR
      - Nasdaq).

      The below FACTS can be verified
      by company PRs and/or e-mailing/calling the

      As always, do your DD before investing - Good Luck
      with your decision. Note: TPEG closed Friday upticking
      to 2 1/4.

      TPEG (IATR) Facts:

      1) On
      January 20, 1999, TPEG formally announced a corporate
      restructuring plan to redirect its business from the movie
      production industry to the internet and e-commerce

      2) On February 4, 1999, TPEG announced the purchase
      of an equity position in The private placement ended 5-19-99, raised $3.2M and
      an IPO follows shortly. TPEG's initial investment
      was 2% with an option to greatly increase it (rumor
      is up to 27%). Their website can be found at: and Phase 2 featuring their proprietary
      e-commerce engine should be opening shortly.

      3) On
      February 25, 1999, TPEG announced the purchase of a 4.5%
      equity position in Pacific Softworks, with an option to
      add an additional 4.5%. Their web site can be found

      4) On March 1,
      1999, TPEG announced that it will change its name to
      "Internet and Technology Resources" (IATR). The name,
      symbol and cusip change will go into effect shortly
      after the shareholder's meeting May 26th.

      5) On
      April 1, 1999, TPEG announced that Pacific Softworks
      filed an initial public offering (IPO) on March 26,
      1999, for 800,000 units. They should begin trading on
      NASDAQ under PASW within a few weeks.

      6) On April
      7, 1999, TPEG announced the appointment of Barry
      Sandrew, Ph.D., as executive vice president and chief
      technology officer. His resume can be found at

      7) On April 15, 1999, TPEG announced the
      commencement of the publication of a free bi-weekly newsletter
      to be available on the Internet. The report, titled
      "The Sandrew Letter", will be authored by TPEG's
      Executive Vice President and CTO, Barry Sandrew, Ph.D., and
      can be accessed on the company's interim web site at (the final version of the website will open
      concurrent with shareholder's meeting).

      8) On April
      27, 1999, TPEG announced the formation of IATR
      Internet Investments (LLP) through which they intend to
      raise up to $20M for additional investment in Internet
      and e-commerce related companies. TPEG (soon IATR)
      will be the General Partner and will own 10% of the

      9) Currently, there are 9.6 million shares
      outstanding (including G&J returned shares) with 6 million in
      the float. TPEG also has Preferred Stock
      (NASDAQ:TPEGP) and Warrants available (NASDAQ:TPEGW).

      TPEG has a $5.5 million line of credit with an
      institutional investor, a film library from their previous
      industry valued at $8-$15 million, and wholly owns
      MediaWorks International worth approximately $5

      11) TPEG will be bringing in a new NY-based Investor
      Relations firm shortly. Strategic Capital Consultants (SCC)
      is gone.

      12) TPEG has assembled a capable
      management team with Irwin Meyer as deal maker (Todd Sanders
      is still supporting him), Ivan Berkowitz for access
      to investment capital and Dr. Barry Sandrew as the
      Internet-savvy technical guru.


    • hmm? RTQ 70.75

    • I guess there was enough support at the low 70's
      level that when a couple of 5k size buys came in
      without any sell orders, th stock had to run up to get a
      good price for the specialist.

      Nice to see it
      holding this level.

    • I ran accross this site a few weeks ago and have made some good
      margins three weeks straight.

    • How come this stocks jumped $4 on 50,000 volume ? What am I missing here ?

    • E-commerce is the future buy all of these stocks now, they will all do well and there will be consolidation in the future. The e-commerce market is HUGE!

    • Sapient has grown revenues at 70% but earnings
      grew only 50% in first quarter. For the last five
      quarters, SAPE has beat estimates by one penny. Analysts
      project earnings to grow 42% this year to $1.05 vs.
      $0.74. In order to grow 50%, they would need to earn
      $1.11 and 70% would require $1.26. Don't plan on 70%
      growth (beating estimates by $0.15), especially over a
      five year time frame. Your assumption that SAPE will
      maintain market share may or may not be fair. Given the
      presence of IBM, Andersen and a multitude of younger
      companies that have recently gone public (e.g. AnswerThink,
      IXL, Scient) there is plenty of competition. Much of
      SAPEs growth will need to come from acquisitions which
      depends somewhat on stock price. Again, many things must
      go right, with low margin for error to produce the
      results you suggest.

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