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  • johnny_bdog johnny_bdog Dec 15, 2000 2:39 PM Flag

    The last 1/2 hour....

    unless it tanks severely beforehand, the last 1/2 hour will be almost straight down. Traders definitely don't want to hold this over the weekend.


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    • You have my sympathies. What are you going to do
      when SAPE hits $5. a share? You should have cash on
      hand because you are going to have to buy another
      18,000 shares at $5 to keep from losing your ass
      totally. Forget margin. You had a good chance to clean up
      in this stock but you held it too long now.

    • ....and the confession is going to be BAAD
      My experience has always been when the company is
      silent it is to cover up bad news. Good news is easy to
      report. Bad news is much harder to report. You had better
      hope SAPE does not suck you to $5. It is very
      possible. SAPE's industry has been taken to the cleaners
      and for this company to sell above $10 is a priced in

    • dead money

    • One more thing.Yes I am down 85% on Sapient this year. I will be more than catch up in another 2 years.

    • For the record I am LONG sapient - 18000 shares
      since sapient's IPO 1996 and have known the company
      since 1994. This is a company built to last. You are
      looking at the next CISCO of this sector. Added another
      3000 at 10.75 today. Don't want to go on margin now.
      Will sell some CSCO on monday to buy more Sapient.

    • THANK YOU STOCHWAVE!!!!!! Many share your exact sentiments.

    • he's an analyst wannabe. He hasn't had an
      original thought since I got on this board. Economy is
      weak, everyone is warning, sector is sick, stock going
      to $0.00. blah,blah, blah. Doesn't even have a
      position, - what a poser !

    • Sapient does not have a policy or obligation to
      respond to stock price changes every now and then. In
      fall 1998 when the stock tanked from 75 to 31 they did
      not respond. Why should they respond now. Just
      because looser companies such as iXL, are
      missing estimates? They will have an answer for us in

    • You guys need to understand the dynamic

      If Sapient were able to affirm Q1 and 2001 guidance
      it would!

      There is no reason to subject your
      shareholders to a continually declining stock price amid
      speculation about downward earnings revisions.

      If the
      earnings estimates remain unchanged, a simple press
      release or statement would end all of the

      Of course, poorly managed companies can concoct all
      sorts of reasons that it doesn't make sense to
      communicate with shareholders. Maybe it's just arrogance;
      maybe there are strategic reasons related to layoff
      planning or acquistions discussions; maybe there were alot
      of insider sales so they want to create distance
      between the sales and the warning; maybe they don't want
      to deal with reality...

      There are lot's of
      potential reasons, but in the end it's usually not at the
      shareholders advantage to have information

      Company's that withold information or ignore shareholder
      requests are usually not protecting shareholders. They are
      usually protecting management.......and inevitably that
      leads to problems.

      Nobody on the outside can say
      for sure what is going on. But there is good reason
      to be very concerned that whatever it is, is not in
      shareholders interest.


      P.S. A fall from 75
      to 11 is enough to frustrate any shareholder, but
      you haven't seen anything yet if there is a warning
      that was preceded by insider selling, all while
      shareholders were requesting guidance.....that's when
      frustration becomes an entirely different emotion.

    • Once again, no one doubts that Sapient will be a
      winner in this game (long-term), but that said, what is
      the true value of this company right now. The high
      value was based on projected extrodinary growth over
      the next 3-5 years. Guess what, that's not happening

      So do the math. 10 to 20 time earnings
      and what do you get? Or go 1.5 to 2.5 x revenue.
      Either way you're looking at about half of what it's
      worth now.

      Yeah $650 Million isn't a bad
      valuation for Sapient when looking at thier

      I'm betting she's headed south in the near term and
      then will be back up to it's current vluation later
      next year.

      good luck

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