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  • boilerjoe_96 boilerjoe_96 Jan 3, 2001 3:38 PM Flag


    Where you at Dog? Us humble investors need your
    insight and need you to tell us what to do

    Of course now would be a good time to short because
    this thing is going to 5


    PS Seems odd he hasn't posted in over 90

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    • knew they were toast. knew their management team
      was horrible. figured they were smart enough to sell
      the company before they ran it into the ground. lost
      that bet - they ran it into the ground. it's a
      relevant lesson to Sapient investors....the value in these
      companies is tenous....both consultants and customers can
      terminate the relationship rapidly.


    • Very well articulated. With respect to JBD - he is a moron who has totally lost it. Same rhetoric without any facts. I guess I'll put the ignore feature to work.

    • Let me quote you for one second:
      "...but it's
      really that I think the industry is a terrible industry
      to invest in long term..."

      And then I
      If this is a terrible industry to invest in long
      term, why did you invest in CATP and why the hell are
      you still here?

      Then another quote:
      only reason I am concentrating on SAPE right now is
      that it's the most overvalued and ripe for

      and finally:
      "...I don't hate Sapient, but I have
      seen the cycles of stupidity in this industry and it's
      investors before..."

      And I get the answer to my
      question. You have a great heart and do not want other
      people to follow your stupidity of investing in a really
      bad company like CATP. Am I right?

      problem, pal, is that there are always winners and losers,
      even if the industry is a bad one. During these
      difficult times I am only willing to invest in the winners,
      and contrary to your bashing I believe that SAPE will
      come out of this as a winner.

      Based on what
      happened yesterday, I would say now that Q1 does not
      matter either. The stock market is a forward looking
      mechanism and the street will be more interested in betting
      on the future (six-to-twelve months ahead) than
      paying attention to what is happening this quarter. And
      a 50 basis point rate cut will help SAPE a ton. At
      least that is what I believe and I do not want to risk
      missing a 100% gain in one year just because I may have a
      20% paper loss in one month.

      If I am going to
      second-guess my investment decisions, then I can never be an
      investor, because unfortunately NOBODY can ever time the
      stock market. Not even you with your DOGGY powers and
      excessive knowledge of this industry.

    • I won't waste my time looking back but I know
      that JBD made some arguments a while back that
      acquiring consultants was the stupidest thing anyone could
      do. Then acquisition was the only way SAPE would make
      its numbers.

      He can't keep track of his own

      Please remind me again, if you buy a
      consulting company you get what? Employees that can leave
      and contracts that expire quickly. If RAZF is missing
      its numbers, not only are contracts expiring quickly,
      they are not able to get new work with their existing

      You are right, people are never free, but you don't
      have to pay 1.5 times billable rates - so 700 - 1mm
      per billable consultant, to get them. Recruiting,
      training and initial benefits will always be cheaper than
      that level.

      Tell me when getting a large number
      of heads is better. If you think it is a great way
      to build a company look at MRCH and IIXL. They used
      that model and look where it got them.

      Are the
      consultants at RAZF as good as SAPE? Who knows for sure, but
      I would bet that some are, some aren't. But at the
      end of the day, it isn't that every single consultant
      at SAPE needs to be better than the best at RAZF.
      What matters is that the projects get done, the
      clients like it, and the client buys more services. It is
      obvious that SAPE is ahead of RAZF in that aspect. Plenty
      of real data to support that.

      You have lost
      it. You played all of your cards and are now trying
      to stay in the game with bullshit. Early on, your
      discussions were supported, logical and tied to some reality.
      For the last month, you have talked to hear yourself
      talk and hoped to spark some response.

    • I am not endorsing RAZF. Somebody asked me which
      I would prefer holding.

      RAZF is only a buy
      based on takeover potential. It's always risky to buy a
      company based on the idea that they will be bought (a
      lesson I learned when I bought CATP...even at the
      depressed price I bought, it continued to deteriorate).
      CATP is another example of a takeover

      It might seem like I hate Sapient, but it's really
      that I think the industry is a terrible industry to
      invest in long term. The story is always the
      same.....hype and excessive valuations in the good
      times.....only to be met by undervaluations when the story falls
      apart....still lots of downside in SAPE. The only reason I am
      concentrating on SAPE right now is that it's the most
      overvalued and ripe for crash. I strongly considered
      shorting INFY, but it only trades ADR's here and the
      longstanding valuation gap between it's ADR's and the shares
      traded in India has scared me away.

      Anyway, I
      don't hate Sapient, but I have seen the cycles of
      stupidity in this industry and it's investors before.
      Sapient is simply following the same pattern.

      they warn about Q1 and 2001, perhaps you will feel


    • how did InFY get involved here? then WIT is also a target?? WIT up14% yesterday.

    • Fock You!!!!

    • This is hilarious - now you are saying that RAZF
      is as good as, and a better investment than, SAPE.
      Your biased rants and unmitigated hatred towards SAPE
      has always been tinged with(a bit of) logic ... your
      current endorsement of RAZF is a clear sign that you have
      totally lost it, and yet another example of how you say
      whatever you want to say, as long as a bash against SAPE
      is at the end.

      Once again, I ask you to
      justify your presence here, and why you spend so much
      time posting on this board, if you have no position in

      And then I ask you to go the hell away,
      because you have zero credibility, your story is
      tiresome, and your condescending tone makes me ill.

    • The reason someone would buy RAZF is to build a
      presence in this business. Perhaps a hardware co or an

      RAZF does have clients and it does have skills, but
      boneheads like you that are in love with Sapient seem to
      think that Sapient is great - it's

      Complementary skills and expertise are the reasons given for
      acquisitions when you are paying too much. It makes the
      shareholders think there was good reason to overpay.

      today's environment, for companies like RAZF that are
      cheap, you can make an argument for buying simply on a
      financial basis...looking at ROI.

      An additional
      reason, not included in your limited list of reasons for
      Acquisition is to expand geographic presence. Sapient already
      has offices in RAZF locations, so it is an unlikely
      suitor....but perhaps a European player might be

      Anyway, your idea that you can get people for free is
      misguided. There are always costs to an organization to get
      people, and the fact is that to get the best you have to
      work hard......sometimes an acquisition of a large
      number of heads can be cheaper and smarter than onesy
      twosy poaching.

      Believe it or not, the
      consultants at Razorfish are just as good as the ones at
      Sapient, perhaps better. There is little long term loyalty
      in this business, and most of higher profile
      companies are competing for and trading the same


    • this is the funniest so far - bet on the prey not
      the predators.

      Picture this with me - JBD and
      one of his buddies are watching Marlin Perkins on
      Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. The lion is laying in
      the grass and a limping antelope trots by.

      JBD turns to his buddy and says - $50 says the
      wounded antelope comes out of this better than the lion.
      What a joke.

      Let me guess, you'd rather own a
      Yugo than a Ford, a betamax than a VCR. All the bad
      news is already out about the Yugo and the betamax.
      They have nowhere to go but up.

      So you like
      RAZF better than SAPE? Until you can start making some
      logical sense, please go bother them.

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