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  • goskiing99 goskiing99 Apr 19, 2013 8:58 PM Flag

    12% dividend and 1/2 of book value

    Add to that oil still holding in the high 80's and NG surging. I honestly don't ever remember seeing a situation like this. The street is stupid, but this would be a historic level of stupidity. Therefore, there has to be something behind the scenes we don't know; either they are stopping the divi completely or they're in deep #$%$ financially. Unreal.

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    • great post

    • ador Apr 20, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

      Does anyone EVER look or listen to the facts on this board ?or is it just the spin version constantly. NO divi cut ,better then expected Q1 to be released on earnings day-No DOOM and GLOOM,company not going broke and is slowly being turned around. The vampires will soon have to find another neck to suck on.

    • With an MBA in Accounting, a former credit analyst and banker, I assure you the balance sheet is in the upper quartile in financial strength. Since the days of Benjamin Graham, investment markets have taken a perverted paradigm, perhaps a nice phrase for stupidity. Todays crowd, trades volumes in seconds based on charts, the they falsely believe portend future trends. They find this more persuasive than the basic fundamentals you suggest, not to mention, PWE's oil and gas will eventually find its way to the richer Asian/global market(why it hasn't already might say something about Canadian government/sponsorship(stupidity)) for not having already built the infrastructure to do that. In addition, there is some credibility to the belief that PWE cuts the dividend, and then what will be the price? This writer doesn't know the answer but ERF and others have made cuts. I think PWE has the wherewithal to maintain it and they would be wise to remove doubt of their resolve to do so.

    • To add that have also been talking up their capital efficiency efforts are working. That they have some valuable assets sales in the works that should greatly add to liquidity. I think it partly has to do with the Whitebear's of the world who think they should cut the dividend to focus on development of their assets.

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