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  • ijbyrne48 ijbyrne48 May 2, 2013 10:28 AM Flag

    Production cuts have positive effects on income statements

    When you cut production you eliminate production costs plus reduce supply gluts, plus keep more product for later sales. Why are you on here Mr Spin dopey running down a solid company day after day, frightening little old ladies and day traders into selling their stock at a too low price and attacking other posters? Did you get laid off from your overpaid job?

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    • Good grief. The rampant stupidity on this board is amazing. If you people aren't careful, the Feds are going to shut this board down as a menace to public safety.

      Mr. Byrne, it is not SpinDopey running down a solid company. She is the Head Cheerleader here and does everything, up to and including lying, falsifying, misconstruing and generally being mendacious, to pump this POS up. It is ME, or I should say I am one of those that are setting the record straight about this dog.

      You may see it as "running down a solid company" but where I come from dealing with facts, using facts to reason with and arriving at sound decisions based on facts is the way to do things, not to stick my head in the sand and ignore those bits and pieces of info that don't give a warm and fuzzy hug.

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    • Or as PWE's report puts it, ample reserves allows optimization optimality. Same thing, their words. Amen!

    • You need to take your meds. The short bus is pulling up out front.

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