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  • infinitidrivr infinitidrivr May 6, 2013 12:16 PM Flag

    Analyst services

    I think the Seeking alpha's, Cramers, Motley Fool and even Morningstar at times have their own agendas. And I think there are other brokerage firms with hidden agendas taking an either overly positive or negative view depending upon their or their cronie's holdings. Sometimes they are negative because they want to drop the price because of those short positions or they may actually like the company as a potential takeover for them or their cronies. I am a retired individual investor who focuses on a limited number of income/value investments and find that seldom do these analysts examine the companies beyond a relatively superficial level. As for Cramer, he has been blind to the higher dividend/value stocks with the exception of some utilities(electric power and telecom, favors growth stocks(which are relatively less appropriate in what has been a flat economy). His assistant, Stephanie Link is far better informed than Cramer. The reports emanating from these sources, just like the AAA rating of bad securities, should be more robustly examined by the SEC to determine linkages for potential conflict of interest and corruption. And we need to begin minimum jail sentences up to much worse in an atmosphere of widespread corruption in both politics and business.

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    • Dear Nice Car Driver:
      The entire financial system is corrupt, corrupt to its very core. It's rotten beyond what anybody can imagine, and one day it will collapse like a rotten tree. The problem is that there is nothing else we can do......because we are nobodys.
      Buy farm land and some gold. The chickens, rabbits, goats, etc. you keep on your land will give you food and reproduce. Your bonds and stocks will not.

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      • I wouldn't be a good farmer and I think investments in gold are questionable. I have about two dozen investments that yield about 7%, no debt, own a home....But you are right about the corruption and some day folks will finally figure it out. But the politicians and investment magnates, scream freedom and Jesus and the public is sold.

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