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  • watchingtheboards watchingtheboards Oct 13, 2010 9:47 PM Flag

    Wow. This low after a Reverse Split?

    I do feel bad for you guys. The company really has shafted it's shareholders again. I'm speechless. One of the ugliest charts i've ever seen.

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    • Its easy to understand why the stock keeps going down.

      There was MASSIVE BUYING during the first 30 minutes of trading as over 1,000,000 shares have went through at the ask at .0325 and it appears Ray is willing to sell as many shares as anyone wants to buy.

      There were 8 million shares outstanding after the last 1 for 100 reverse split and Ray issued himself and his buddies an additional 100 million shares (nothing like a 1250% dilution to brighten your day).

      It appears there is no limit as to how many shares Ray can print up and sell immediately on the open market.

      I truly believe that if I placed an order to buy 100 million shares at .0325, the order would go through, Ray would pocket the $3.25 million dollars and just print the shares to cover the trade.

      In 3 short months, Genta is down another 99% and that is on top of losses to big to fathom.

      After 1.5 million shares of straight buying with the stock not moving up by even 1/100 of a cent, the stock is now starting to fall because someone sold 100,000 shares.

      1.5 million shares of straight buying = no change in stock price

      100,000 shares of selling and the stock plunges

      When Ray was present at that seminar a few months back, I'm surprised that some disgruntled Genta shareholder didn't meet up with him and let nature take its course.

      Lets all figure out a way to lock Ray in a room with the 10 Genta shareholders who have lost the most money, put the thing on pay per view and charge $1,000 to watch it.

      I would certainly pay.

    • Maybe the next R/S 1-250 will do the trick! Baaawaaaaaaahhh!

    • acdfoods Oct 14, 2010 7:08 AM Flag

      YES!! Wow! This company should be sued big time!(no position! Thank god!)