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  • JohnnyCanuk JohnnyCanuk Aug 20, 2005 12:08 AM Flag

    Bear Creek news ...

    This came out after market close ... drilling to start on another project ...


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    • Well 1012 pct is what I generated in the past 3 month. Bill Clinton cheated, not all american president's did. Bre-x was bad, not all mining companies are. Do yourself a favor and start to be more open minded. 2005 will be rememebered in history. If you do not want to invest in the best Canadian Mining companies while they are trading at their lows, just wait until the dollar is worthless, and follow the crowd and talk about Bre-x. Take your own choice, fine with me, I took my choice.

    • Hey no offense, but if you had a brain (your profile says "no brain"), you would comprehend that you can not smell my keyboard, maybe you should take a shower (it's that time of the year again...) or change your underwear. In any case you should not be allowed to express your opinion in public, when they let you out of your cage once a month.

    • Your keyboard garbage stinks like bullshit.

    • Hey great, I knew that you were desperate for my advise, but never thought that you like my posts like a dog likes his bone. No problem, will keep giving you help wherever you can't figure it out yourself. Just don't forget to buy bear creek, since I am the bone who started buying at 60 cents, while you will bite yourself in a few days for not buying today. Also, relax you sound like you have a lot of pressure.

    • Rest assured that I will be on your posts like a dog on a bone so think twice about what you write ...


    • "LOL, you must have napped through the tech boom. These kind of returns were routine 98-01! QCOM did 2600% in one year!"

      And some did better than that ... but we are talking mining stocks ...


    • How do I know that, well I really focus more on successful trading and researching stuff, that giving beginners lessons and asking ignorant questions. My posts serve the purpose of sharing information and opinion, rather then convincing anybody, couldn't care less what you think or invest in, yet, one last comment, did you get it that SLW just bought 15 pct of Bear Creek and paid 3.25 for the last deal, + believe it's a good deal to exercise at 4.25 additional shares, + Canaccord set 4+ as price target, forget it, maybe I explain to you that the sky is blue, maybe you will comprehend that, maybe not, once again, spend time on your boring messages, I will ignore you until you spent 5 minutes minimum via google and read the last news + background of this company. Good luck and get better.

    • <<will generate the 1000 PCT in less than a year."

      Irresponsible hype ... the last company that did that was Bre-X and we all know why that happened ... >>

      LOL, you must have napped through the tech boom. These kind of returns were routine 98-01! QCOM did 2600% in one year!

    • Let's go over your post # 114 ...

      "buy SLW as a very secure long term investment, and you will gain 1000 pct over the next 6 to 10 years."

      Wild speculation, opinion ...

      "I am convinced that I BCM will generate the 1000 PCT in less than a year."

      Irresponsible hype ... the last company that did that was Bre-X and we all know why that happened ...

      "Simple reason: Compare PAAS, SIL, WTZ with BCM in a few days from now. If their reserves exceed 400 million of oz, 800 million to 1 billion share capital is justifyable."

      Pure crap ... they do not have one single ounce of "reserves" at this point, they are still in the very early stages of a rather small drill program ... while initial results are encouraging, they are far from confirmation that the deposit is economic at this point and that will not become evident for several months at best ... to say you expect the company to report "reserves" of 400 million oz within a few days is completely misleading and dangerous ... by the way, you may want to look up the word "reserves" as it applies to mining before you start throwing that word around ...

      "Bear Creek is no underdog, but something like Microsoft trading at 3 dollars. Only difference, everybody knows Bill Gates."

      So, the only difference between BCM and MSFT is that everybody knows Bill Gates ... I certainly hope that anybody who reads that observation now knows to put whatever else you say in the junk heap ...

      "but if Bear Creek i.e. discovers a 50 million oz gold property, they will not have to wait to start production in 5 years, they will simply sell for a billion to Barrick."

      Ummmm, you might want to read their option agreement from Rio if they find even 1 million oz, let alone 50 million oz and you will find that your above comment is not true ...

      "why should one be happy with a possible 200 pct gain (in SLW) instead of guaranteed gain 1000 pct."

      Ummmmm, a few sentences ago, you had SLW with a 1000% gain but now it is just 200% ... ??? And to claim a "guaranteed 1000% gain" in BCM is foolish and dangerous ...

      "SLW did not hesitate to buy for 3.25 and are very happy to buy more for 4+ in the near future."

      And how do you know that ... ???

      "No risk that it drops below 3.25 since SLW will buy at 3.25"

      "No risk", sting ... ??? Another dangerous comment, there is always risk ... what makes you think SLW will support the price of BCM in the market at $3.25 ... ???


      Look, early results at Coriani are showing good potential, that is all ... they only have 2 rigs drilling and so it will ne many months before they can come up with even a very rough "resource" estimate (look up the word "resource", sting) ... note also that while core "length" has been excellent, core "grade" is not overwhelming ... also note that this is a "polymetalic" deposit containing several metals, not just silver and when the company releases results, it is not in "ounces of silver" but in "ounces of silver **equivalent**" ... a polymetalic deposit is also much more costly to operate as it requires separate circuits to process each metal ...

      Will Coriani become a profitable mine ... ??? Yes, I expect it will based on early results ... but at this point they are just starting and to throw around nonsense like "400 million oz reserves in a few days" or that "BCM and MSFT are equals" or that there is a "1000% guaranteed gain" in BCM within a year or that there is "no risk" is irresponsibe and dangerous ...


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