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  • runnin_rebels_89 runnin_rebels_89 Oct 31, 2005 11:07 PM Flag

    Is SLW a miner or a royalty company

    I've heard them referred to as both, trying to sort it all out by doing some research but would appreciate any input, TIA.

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    • Aha, I see where you are coming from ...

      May I suggest you send an e*mail to David Awram at Goldcorp, he is the Investor Relations Manager for Silver Wheaton and a good guy who will get back to you promptly ...

      Ask him if their tax lawyers have expressed an opinion as to whether Silver Wheaton shares will be treated as a PFIC or not by the US Infernal Revenue Service ...

      Personally, I think you will find that SLW shares are NOT a PFIC, but for your own satisfaction as well as other US shareholders ...

      Regards ...


    • Yes but royalties are passive. Which of course, goes back to the original question in this thread.

    • Are you sure johnny? In my mind. Ian created the whole Caymen Island corporation to hold the silver so it is tax free. I don't really know the physical mechanism. I can't believe that someone as familiar with accounting practices as Ian, did not leave Silver Wheaton as the masters of when they sell into the market. I was under the understanding this was the main reason the European mine forward sold their silver to silver Wheaton in the first place (to unload the responsibility of marketing the silver to maximize prices). WE NEED MORE ACCURATE INFORMATION ON THIS SUBJECT I THINK.

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    • I wouldnt want it any other way.

    • ur a fu8king asshole, i was asking a simple question and you act like i insulted you or something, you could have just remained silent but you had to come up with all this attitude, just f8ck off twit.

    • No, SLW deserves better. You might consider that before you come here asking for simple information that any serious investor would take the time to find out for themselves. Then, based upon a reasonable amount of knowledge about SLW you might ask intelligent questions requiring more complex answers and leading to intelligent discourse from other knowlegable investors. Instead you come here asking questions that any 6th grade student could find the answers to in ten minutes.

      Go insult some other board with your ignorance.

    • Ah, a prime example of walking fertilizer, planet earth deserves better.

    • Research reveals all in the summary of company activities.

      Type in SLW in Yahoo Finance then click on Company Profile. You get:
      "Silver Wheaton Corp. engages in the purchase and sale of silver. It purchases silver produced by Luismin mines in Mexico and the Zinkgruvan Mine in Sweden. The company was incorporated in 1994. It was formerly known as Chap Mercantile, Inc. and changed its name to Silver Wheaton Corp. in 2004. Silver Wheaton is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada."

      Research - it's a bitch. Take it from here. Hint...try the company website. Hint...type in Silver Wheaton using Google. Gosh, this research stuff is tiring.

      By the way, SLW is NOT a 'royalty' company. By the way, again, SLW is not a miner. Now, research that.

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