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  • fwh3334zeke fwh3334zeke Jan 8, 2006 8:00 PM Flag



    up 6 cents now but that could change by time market opens. good start anyway.

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    • "The silver to gold ratio has historical, over centuries been 1:15, so divide the price of gold by 15 to find out what the silver price should be. This means silver should be about $36 instead of $9"

      I see from your postings that you are sincere so I'll be polite, but that is nonsense ...

      That type of logic also postulates to: multiply the price of silver by 15 to find out what the gold price should be. This means that gold should be about $135 instead of $545.

      And that is equally nonsense, eh ...

      That "historical ratio" argument is an old saw that the silver letter writers like Ted Butler use in an attempt to explain away the drop in the silver price over the years because they don't understand why it has dropped ...

      I agree with your other points but get rid of that one, it detracts from an otherwise good post ...


    • Excellent post Chem. I would just add that Silver unlike Gold is also an industrial metal. Which is to say it gets used up. There for silver stocks ( as in inventory not equities) can be depleted in times of slow mining activity. Silver can also suffer from industrial slow downs. Silver should be able to offset any industrial slow down of usage due to its secondary status as a monetary metal.
      SLW is far and away the best play on Silver.

      IMO $12 silver is coming soon and should push SLW into double digits or close. The $12 price is backed up on P&F charts as well as the historically low Gold - Silver ratio, although the ratio has been correcting for over a year now it still has room to run.

      BTW there is also a historical Gold - Oil ratio that is way out of whack and POG should be much higher or oil much lower. My bet is Oil is not going back to $30 or less a barrel in our lifetime. Gold should continue to rise with oil and even greater than oil. By extension any rise in Gold should take Silver with it.

    • Thx for focussing on silver. I am new here, and there seems to be a huge distraction. I assume it is a power struggle of sorts between a few middle aged whatevers. Guys get a grip, I don't need to be told that someone is something that they are not. Try to all get along, we are all here for the same reason, making money. Oh well, that's my 2 cents.

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      • I agree-Thanx to all who stick to silver and its issues. However, people are petty and selfish. They constantly project their own issues onto others-plus these boards are an easy way for them to vent, even if what they're really upset about has nothing to do with someone else on the board. My background is psych+counseling-I see it all the time. Not to mention (that) money really brings out the ugliest side of people-JMHO

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