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  • JohnnyCanuk JohnnyCanuk Jan 9, 2006 9:11 AM Flag

    La Copia silver flow ...

    In 2005, La Copia produced about 4 million oz of silver, along with gold of course ...

    Placer owns 50% (Kinross the other 50%) so the attributable silver to Placer is about 2 million ounces ...

    With the GG acquisition of this 50% of La Copia if the deal goes through, then SLW should pick up that 2 million annual ounces ...

    If SLW can get Kinross in on the deal, maybe SLW can get the whole 4 million annual ounces ...

    La Copia is a high cost producer and actually *lost* $2 million in Q3/05, despite the high price of gold and silver, so maybe Kinross would like to either get out of La Copia altogether and sell their 50% interest or at least take the up-front money for the silver ...

    I just thought of another possibility ...

    How about if SLW buys the Kinross 50% then GG and SLW will own the mine as a joint venture with the gold production going to GG and the silver production going to SLW ...

    Just a thought ...


    Yeeaaaaa ... !!!!

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    • What exactly is your problem? Do you have an identity crisis?I doubt that anyone reading this board gives a rats ass about your ignorant ramblings about Jews and related topics.Suggest you find a rabbi to cure your insecurities, or at least a more appropriate soapbox and audience. Your are are a genuine
      pain in the ass.

    • << I agree, there is much history and a few curves involved. Remember that Judah (Or the tribe of Judah)was the leader, and when the Jews would march, this tribe was out front. >>

      "When the Israelites marched, not the jews."

      Thats my point, that the Israelites were called the "Jews" as they were from Judaea, thier leading tribe was Judah. So today, all Israelites are called "Jewish" or "Jews" regardless of what tribe they came from.

    • "The point of origination of the Talmud is Babylon."

      Yes, but that does not mean the Jewish roots are in Babylon. The Talmud was written to put all the Jewish laws and customs on paper, as they had been driven from thier land and temple.

      "You are calling all Israelites jews and I'm not convinced that one can simply make that assumption."

      I agree, there is much history and a few curves involved. Remember that Judah (Or the tribe of Judah)was the leader, and when the Jews would march, this tribe was out front. Josephus says Judah led the march to Babylon as well. Also remember that Northern Israel was already previously taken , so it was Ju-dah that was carried off to Babylon (The term Jew is shortened from Judaean), so those Israelites from Judah (many from different tribes) were called "Jews". Today, the majority of Jewish people do not know what tribe they come from, they just know they are "Jewish". So its a broad term, with various historical meanings, depending on the time.
      All the best!

    • Gracious, unlike the Newmont board we've actually managed to have a civil OT discussion.

      I enjoyed, but go SLW!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • The Jewish Talmud, written a few hundred years after Christ mentions the "Nazarine" "who was hanged on a tree on the eve of Passover", (I am not quoting exactly).

      Also there are 27 seperate books of the New Covenant, many of these writers were eyewitnesses. From these early Jewish believers in Israel the truth spread throughout the Gentile nations.

    • Yes Moses, I agree---Except the third one below is not really accurate, as Jacob, Judah's father was born about 1000 years before the captivity in Babylon, and Moses left Egypt about 800 years before the captivity, so really the "roots" of the Jew is not in Babylon.
      All the best,

      "Most folks are unaware that the word "jew" has three different connotations and generally only know of the one."

      1) A member of the tribe of Judah
      2) One from the land of Judah
      3) One that practices the religion that largely has its roots in Babylon because of the two times of exile.

    • <<
      It is my understanding that Jesus gets mentioned in Islamic texts of the period>>

      There were no Islamic texts of the period. Mohammed did not invent Islam until 600 years later.

    • As Richard Belzer once said:
      iam not really a Jew, I am more jew-ish. LOL

    • Hey Moses,

      Thanks for the reading material.


    • "The letter from Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar"

      Obviously a Catholic creation---

      Why didn't Judas just point out Jesus by saying "he is the serene looking guy, with golden colored hair"!

      "Matthew 26:48 Now he who was betraying Him gave them a sign, saying, "Whomever I shall kiss, He is the one; seize Him."

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