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  • mky216 mky216 Feb 22, 2006 4:02 PM Flag

    Strong finish

    Nice little run to end the day. Hopefully setting the stage for another run up tomorrow.

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    • i have traded this stock several times. let me tell you something, these shit herads don't know shit about this stock. my advise to to you is this, commodity stocks are meant for trading not holding.good luck.

    • moon you are right I am wrong. For the sake of the board I am done with this conversation. Plus my mom is calling me for dinner and then I have to do my homework. And BTW of course I have a dad my mom just not sure who he was and now you hurt my feelings.

    • cupcake,
      do you think i do not know this? get off your parents basement and ge a job.

      "I am just some pimple faced kid in my parents basement on my Tandy 84 trying to make friends on the web."

    • So now you want to talk about SLW and my trials and tribulations with this stock?
      I trade and sometime i get it right and sometimes i get it wrong but i loaded right now with this stock so i think it will make me happy again.
      You and i dance to the beat of a diff drum coup, so get over it.
      Tell me something i dont know that you found out about this company?

    • You got me again moon. I am just some pimple faced kid in my parents basement on my Tandy 84 trying to make friends on the web. I am hoping to find a rich girlfriend in one of these yahoo rooms. So far you are my only candidate.

      Come on Moon who sold their SLW under $7 and has been here ever since taken turns bashing and pumping this stock from week to week.

    • Thanks for the info. That's good to know. I have sent them an email, so I should hear from them too.

    • Let me tell you something Flewthecoup,
      If they put your brain in a birds head the bird would fly backwards.
      I just hope you dont represent this new generation cause if you do you and the rest are screwed.
      A generation of poverty is definately in the making.I bet you live at home with your parents.

    • Your paper I bonds can be submitted to the treasury site after you set up an account and they will hold them for you. You can also set up an e-check service between your bank and the treasury so when you want to cash them out or buy more I bonds or any treasury you can have it deducted from your bank account or have any cashed out bonds deposited.

    • I would personally dump all of them if it was me. Inflation and dollar devaluation will eat away not only your interest but your principal by the time they are through cooking the CPI numbers in DC. Besides 90-day T bills now paying over 4.5% or thereabouts. Will be paying over 5% by year end if Ben hopes to keep foreigners buying our debt and keep his target inflation theory alive. Gold and Silver will appreciate greater than 5 or even 7 % year over year but you can not use that appreciation as income unless you sell. Have you looked into any of the Oil trusts ? They pay over 6% and oil seems to be a pretty safe bet for the next few years at least.

    • Thanks.

      See the problem? "You may redeem paper I Bonds at most financial institutions."

      Most, but none in this part of the woods.
      I haven't really looked more into it, because I have very little of them. The new TreasuryDirect looks like a more convenient way to go.

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