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  • awalch9 awalch9 Mar 28, 2006 6:53 PM Flag

    any SLW holders in SVM.TO?

    Silvercorp Metals (SVM.TO) has a chart that's even prettier than SLW's,

    I haven't done my DD, but saw a respected poster on another board refer to this company. It's AU, AG, PB and ZN miner.

    I lagged and missed SLW before it shot off...will see which way it's going (short term) and make a move I hope.

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    • We should hit it today!

    • You are correct. Often the symbol is quite similar with just the "to" or "f" added (and with US you also add either a "pk" or "ob". Often a company wants to be on the AMEX but doesn't qualify so they go the pinkie route until they meet the qualifications. SVM is the best example of this. The minute (or maybe two minutes) they start producing they will qualify. Usually I don't touch pinkies but mining stocks are different from consumer goods stocks in this respect.
      Comparing a Canadian stock price and US stock price take about .855 of the Canadian and you will get about the US price. Note the word about.

    • Thanks!

    • watadumdum:

      One reason for double listings is that many (or most?) brokers do not trade on foreign exchanges. Yet many foreign companies want to be listed in the US, the hotest market place in the world. When they list on an American exchange they sometimes, but not always, modify their symbol.

      Someone else here is probably familiar with the ADRs and might help you more. I hope so.

      nuf . . .

    • Yes I did. Thanks.
      The guy is a really interesting person. He does have that entrepreneurial mind in that he looked at an old problem (finding gold) in a new way (involve others). His Goldcorp Challenge was the opposite to how the industry had ALWAYS been run. Brilliant.
      Some might say this is just an intellectual exercize I'm doing but the list is not long of people who are great entrepreneurs but not good managers of larger orgs. This is often true because their interest is in building not in managing. They usually surround themselves with good managers so they can explore opportunities.
      When you find a good entrepreneur follow him. The so-called midas touch has nothing to do with it--it is a skill set.
      BTW--I try to read all of the posts so I don't make a dumb post that has already been discussed to death (a la the discussion yesterday). I can make a dumb post without doing that. :-)

    • shuffle again:

      Does anyone know why MNEAF has a US and a Canadian stock listing? They don't appear to be the same since their PoS and especially their volume are different.

    • That is exactly what I was looking for. The guy is an entrepreneur rather than a manager--at least that is how he sees himself. And a successful one.

    • It looks like MNEAF has a US and a Canadian stock listing - why 2 listings that seem to have slightly different performance?

    • <<<Though I own SLW, Zacks today published an overall opinion of Silver and Gold stocks saying they thought these stocks had maxed out and are due for a 20% correction. I hope not ! >>>

      Careful, Zacks is after cheap shares. Weren't the shorting PM's in Asia?


    • Should be "I think ...", not "I thing ...".
      Damned fingers.

      nuf . . .

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