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  • seasonedspeculator seasonedspeculator Apr 6, 2006 11:00 PM Flag

    Spot Silver Soaring Upward


    It's now so far above it's 50 DMA that it's signaling a clear "sell now" warning. Of course, few will heed it and therefore end up getting burned because "it's different this time". Yes, it's always different until it becomes the same. It's like those tall trees. The taller they are, the harder they fall. The further that silver moves above it's 50 DMA, the harder it will fall. Now someone please tell me, that it will never fall, and therefore will never return to it's 50 DMA! SS

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    • To him facts are a stranger.

    • Coup, let's play nice, OK.
      We don't want to hurt anyones feelings.
      However, your analysis is essential valid.
      These so-called "jobs" vanish with a blink of an eye. The real problem is that the manufacturing sector is being moved off shore to China. The US consumer is chasing cheap goods and therefore, like the rest of the world cheap labour. To make matters worse, you have the faction within the government that figures Mexican labour is hurting the US economy?? Go figure, they will be begging for them when you can't find the man power to work in the agricultutral sector.
      Are these guys smart or what.
      I think it is the latter.
      But let's play nice, OK. LOL

    • My favorite part of the report which as usual is buried deep in any news item or hidden in the actual report.

      "The employment report showed that construction companies added 7,000 jobs in March. Retailers expanded employment by 29,000 positions. Financial companies added 16,000 jobs. Education and health care boosted payrolls by 33,000 and the government by 24,000. Manufacturers, however, cut 5,000 jobs and the transportation and warehousing sector shed 7,600 positions.""

      Two things I find most disturbing in those numbers are the fact that once again high paying jobs are being replaced by lower paying jobs combined with seasonal ( construction) work that is about to dry up for good in '07 and the fact that the government "created" 10% of the new jobs. More deficit spending ( in the form of pork most likely) and another huge gap up in the size of government. Another 10% were for the housing boom and there is no way that can go on indefinitely so are those permanent jobs? The last thing I would like to add is the formula the BLS uses to count jobs.

      Any employment of 3 consecutive days or more is a "job". So A temp working in a mortgage office for 3 days in a week and then 3 days at another the next week and so on all month is counted as 4 jobs.

      Gr8 was incorrect about the reports being used to wipe your ass. they are not worthy of such an exulted position. More likely used to pick up after my dog.

    • 10:23 May silver last down 6.5c, or 0.5%, to $11.98/oz in NY trade

    • <<<couplover is the worst culprit. for pumping & dumping>>

      You have me confused with "coup1over"

      couplover is a charter member of the "never sold a share club" He also has not bought a single share since SLW was under $6. Although he does have a standing buy order at $7.92 without a prayer of getting filled. I hope this clears things up for you astro. Facts are your friend.

    • Seasoned Speculator:

      The time to sell Silver is the day you buy Silver. Please post your purchase real time so we can all get out. I'm expecting your purchase sometime in the 2020s

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