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  • jenthico jenthico Apr 12, 2006 10:12 AM Flag

    coup1over is NOT couplover


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    • somethingbiggoingtohappen somethingbiggoingtohappen Apr 12, 2006 9:17 PM Flag

      Ha. Unbelievable, a first. The dude is as meek as the first day of spring who gets offended at the drop of a hat and you ask him if it offends you will stop. What are you afraid of?
      He said he was going to make trouble cause he knows people. Ha, thats a threat if i ever heard one.
      Call his bluff and then report what trouble he made.
      Anyone with half a brain he says? What half?

    • Guess I was using the wrong half of my brain this morning when I caught it. I was shocked that nobody else caught and it seemed people on this board were answering coup 1 thinking it was coup L. So I blew the whistle on coup 1; still don't know if anyone else noticed...

      Bouncing off 20 DMA was what I was expecting; the chart is pretty clear on this. I, too would like to see the 20 and 50 DMA narrow, but like you said, it will with sideways movement, which is also what I expect going into earnings.

      Sorry to say I did sell a small block (near the close) that I bought on the cheap yesterday to replenish my AUY position. I had sold over half my AUY core to move into this and when AUY moved lower than the SLW SP, I had to jump at the opportunity. It also helped my debt/equity %.

      Things are looking good on both fronts (AUY and SLW.) Currently, I have 2 times more SLW than I do AUY (as i have already explained.) Now it's just up to the PoG and PoS.


    • Never said it did. Read my posts and you will see I said it was flattering to be have my screen name mimicked. No one with half a brain could possibly confuse you and I as the same poster.

    • <<<So, boo f....'n hoo, cry baby.

      Play dead,!!! >>>



    • I have. Weeks ago. Yahoo! will not do anything trust me. They sent me an email saying as much. coup1over is not my screen name and it does not impersonate me nor has that mutt claimed to be me. yahoo! says that is the end of the story. I f I had not already deleted the email from Yahoo! I would post it here.

    • roscoe you are wrong. I have been in email contact with Yahoo! They have said that identity theft is when someone uses your screen name. coup1over is not my screen name. They will not do anything about it other than suggest I change names or avoid the other poster. I appreciate how much everyone hates coup1over and that what he does is sneaky and childish yet no one has been fooled by it and it is just making anything they say look suspect. I for one am not too worried about morons on the internet trying to copy my screen name. I wish that was my biggest worry.

    • somethingbiggoingtohappen somethingbiggoingtohappen Apr 12, 2006 6:48 PM Flag

      Impersonation is stated as the same. EXACTLY THE SAME. This isnt a situation like a patent.

    • blah blah blah. I call my son "boy". the definition of "boy" in 2006 is as follows.

      Boy = Adolescent Male.

      Get off your "racist" high horse. I'm sure you are one of those people that agree with the congress women from georgia and her opportunistic claims of "racism". (media whore)


      SLW all the way to bank!!!!!

    • somethingbiggoingtohappen somethingbiggoingtohappen Apr 12, 2006 6:42 PM Flag

      I have conversed with YAHOO from time to time so dont call me wrong.
      Prove impersonation. You can because YHOO wont let two i/d's the same. You read the contact.

    • boy ( P ) Pronunciation Key (boi)


      A male child.

      An immature or inexperienced man, especially a young man.

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