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  • danntx2003 danntx2003 Apr 19, 2006 12:04 PM Flag

    with silver pushing towards $15/oz...

    ... and headed to $20/oz this year, does anyone feel SLW's foreward guidance will be anything other than spectacular....

    My feeling is that SLW's foreward guidance will trump their earnings report, for the PAST QUARTER...A minute after "the past quarter's earning's announcement", that "NUMBER" will be OLD NEWS (albeit good news)...FOREWARD GUIDANCE, given the "doubling" of the silver sales they'll experience, via contracts w/ miners + the rise in silver prices...well, take Yahoo's "static" valuation numbers and divide by 4 ... you'll get a much better idea of what you're investing in today...and why you should do so.

    FOREWARD GUIDANCE....after the close....and we "rocket" to $13-14 / sh within a week.

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    • ... with SLW obtaining silver from Luisman (Goldcorp) under a long term contract, at $3.90/oz ...FIXED COST (!!!)...and then be able to turn around and sell it for $14+(now)....."hellooooo Einstein....come in Einstein !! Earth to Einstein...over"....and as silver has risen, ALL THE PRICE RISES HAVE BEEN "TOP LINE GROWTH"...with FIXED COSTS...."Einstein? there?...come in, Einstein!?"

      Now, for those who wonder why the "H" Goldcorp ever made such a move (to "give" silver to SLW at $3.90/ sell)...well, GG got it's own "deal"....i.e. they hold 62% of SLW stock...SLW is (basically) GG...and as the corportae rep emailed me, in a response to an email I sent awhile back, GG wanted to "unlock" the value of their silver reserves, and "participate" in their silver holdings via SLW share price appreciation...i.e. as SLW makes money on their silver sales, hand-over-fist, SLW's share price will rise...and GG's 110 million+ SLW shares will ALSO rise in value.

      whoooooooo...there ya, let's light the fuse on this stock, one minute AFTER THE CLOSE...AND HAVE A BOOMING "TOMORROW"...EOM

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      • that is what you have here today.

        The shorts are doing everything they can to cover. The days go in price waves as they try to squeak out a few pennies along the way as well.

        A break over $12 and there will be some hands forced into covering.

        GG in the drivers seat on this one that is correct. They created a license to print money and we got to come along for the ride. Nice of them.

        Nice little bounce off of 11.40 again as they scramble to cover before the top blows off.

        I love the stock market

      • Longs should understand the structure of SLW. The relationship between GG and SLW looks suspect to me.

        GG gives silver away and gets stock in SLW in exchange. SLW stock goes up because GG gives them silver. Does this look like a sustainable model to anyone ?

        Check your history - raising margin rates has always meant a sudden and steep drop in silver prices.

    • Another point to consider, which also bodes well for future guidance, is that this board collectively seems to think that production will be around 3M oz. this Qtr. If the annual number of 15M oz. is to be reached then that means future qtrs. will be closer to 4M oz. at higher silver prices. This is VERY good news.

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