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  • kosan200 kosan200 Apr 21, 2006 8:25 AM Flag

    april 28 deadline

    the president of Iran has been chanting "Death to America" for the last 27 years
    on april 28,western powers will be seeking a resolution to impose sanctions on Iran because of its uranium enrichment.. with president Mahmoud Ahmadjadaldine in charge we are on a collision course...
    Yesterday, I paid $61.00 to fill my Jeep at BJ'S (special discounted price for bj's members)
    across the globe and in spite of concerted manipulations by the big players,the price of silver will have to move up

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    • I hear you, but honey this is not a fair game.
      I jig is up, when Joe average American wakes up and realizes that for the last two or so decades that they have been working for less buying power each paycheque. They won't be impressed with the leadership. Iran is a scapegoat, just like Iraq ... it's sad, same old script, different names.
      Folks, regardless of what happened yesterday, the NYMEX boys picking up their marbles and threatening to go home, you have to protect yourself and your families. These "elected" officials have an attention span to the next election. Spend, spend, spend and leave the mess for the next guys. And this is done in spades during their second term. Do your own homework, read, read, read, and please, think. We are being taken for a ride. Yesterday was verification of the fact. They were about to be called on their "short" bets and they changed the rules of the game. Blatent manipulation. FOR SHAME!!
      Just ranting Vilmuchka ... disclosure ...
      I am long SLW and Ag

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