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  • danntx2003 danntx2003 Apr 27, 2006 10:55 AM Flag

    Never in my wildest dreams...

    ... did I ever expect the Silver ETF to be approved (that was my feeling, months ago). I felt that having gold / silver ETF's would only shine a light on "currency issues" and take away the Central Bank's power to shove "paper" down the throats of the populations around the they'd have only one medium of exchange...and nowhere to run for protection.

    Now, with these new ETF instruments, people have "options" and can make up their own mind as to how to protect a falling US Dollar,'s nice to have choices !!!

    I wonder if the SEC will realize in hindsight, that they just wrote the sequal to "the hunt bros"...of the 1970's. (maybe this is confirmation that Washington economists, etc really are poor at undersyanding "the old economics"...the type I still follow)

    Hey, today is a CHAMPAGNE DAY FOR ME...Well, I'll go to work (sober)...but when I get back tonight, I've got a bottle in the frig...we'll TOAST TO THE FUTURE OF SILVER...AND GOLD...


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    • They know, but +40 years of price manipulation must end in a blow up and price equalization.
      With the ETF doing the work those involved in stealing the nations silver reserves won�t need to do a �perp� walk.

    • ETF is still paper, if you own it own physical and not in the bank either. I haven't had a chance to look at the "Patriot Act" but there supposedly is something that can allow your property to be confiscated. I'm not living in US so that doesn't apply to my at this point but I'll still won't put bullion in any bank!

    • I think the Fed is telling the population that the situation is no longer in the control. It's a global game now, and the US power to control the outcome has been deminishing over time. The Fed boys have to give something to their buddies to maintain their "buying power" as the world moves away from the US dollar. What I don't get is why would Bernanke pick today to admit that inflation is an issue. I mean he could have waited or better yet, he could have been ringing the warning bell long ago. Why today?

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