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  • lingusman2003 lingusman2003 May 17, 2006 11:04 AM Flag


    is not going to stop raising interest rates. We end up in recession soon.

    Its a spiral.

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    • > "Bernanke is not going to stop raising interest rates. We end up in recession soon. "

      I think you're right about the recession, but I think you're wrong about rates. You have to remember why they call Bernanke "Helicopter Ben" -- because in everything he's ever written, he believes in INCREASING the money supply, not tightening it.

      A far bigger problem than dollar strength are the combined problems of national debt, social security, PGBC (pension guarantees) and a host of other financial commitments which the government simply CAN NOT pay. A weak dollar solves all of these problems in the only politically feasible means. A strong dollar (low money supply) only hampers America's ability to get out from under these crushing burdens. My bet is that Bernanke continues to pay lip service to "fighting inflation" while he continues to let the dollar slide.

      Proof of this is the Fed's recent decision to stop publication of the M3 statistic for the first time in American history. If he was serious about fighting inflation he'd be touting the M3 as proof of his tough stand on reducing money supply.

      The dollar is going to go down the tubes. And yes, we'll have a recession and hyper-inflation. ("Stagflation").

      Gold, oil and silver will go through the roof. (Although metals will take a beating as the fed dumps gold in the short term to make up for the slowing of dollar asset purchases by nations like China as they wise-up and reduce their dollar exposure).

      Watch for the Canadian loonie to pass the dollar this Fall.

      We're in for one hell of a rough ride as Americans. As for gold and silver, the party won't start until after elections. Then the rocketship takes off.

    • Never seem to be able to make money in market. Whats the future Running out of oil=breakdown of civilization or at least severe inflation. Watching history last night.Bible predicts Nuclear war 2012 seems likely. Should I give up on the market and buy all the gold and silver. Or just spend it all now?

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