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  • von1230 von1230 May 22, 2006 2:28 PM Flag


    Was that close enough for the 100.00 bet or does it have to go to 11030 like i said.
    what a call boys.slw not see 8.18 and the pd ande and mth short! Was that a quick enough rabbit out of the hat for everyone!
    congrats to all who listened and cerp will rock any second now.
    30 for 30 but who's counting.good luck longs 0n cerp

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    • So I assume he's been giving you a "gift" of $1,000 per week? And I assume you've been communicating your 30 daily short and cover trades directly to him? (since he couldn't have made that much based on the picks you've provided to this board)

    • Per post #22199, you said silver would go down to $11.50. That call was made at 9AM on Friday, 5/19. There have been 8 trading days since and it has not come close to $11.50. So much for being "ACCURATE WITHIN A DAY OR TWO".

      Face it Von, you can't win because your picks suck!!! Like you said, the best you can do, is come up with a direction and you had the right direction for the first 2 weeks that you posted, but it's been wrong for the last two weeks. See, once again, 50/50, LOL!!


    • Every call on gold and silver are accurate within a day or keep wishing and the metals will go up ! Wrong wrong wrong! You keep slw you should.

    • The only stooge on this board is you! Rich? Man, if I believed all your CERP hype and followed all your calls for the last 2 weeks, I'd be in the poor house!! It's funny, when I asked Mike H. how much money he made using your calls, he didn't respond for some reason........

    • You can bet they all will hit there soon.if your a long term player!say at least one month ! You'd be rich on my calls!! But no von is 2 days late so he's wrong,no wonder they call you one of the three stooges

    • I'm ragging on you because this is an SLW board, your calls suck and you don't know how to keep a deal.

      So now that I've told you why I continue to rag on you, why don't you tell me why you continue to post to this board?

      And please don't say that you want to benefit others with your knowledge because, again, we all know your calls suck and if anyone wanted to follow your advice, they know your e-mail address.

    • 1/2 of the 12 calls in Wednesday's post #23105 were wrong. Today's DOW call and Friday's DIA call did exactly the opposite of what you said. See what I mean about 50/50? Only 1 in 5 of last Sunday's calls were right "CHARTING SAY PD AND ANDE COULD GO MID TO LOW 70s silver to 11.50 gold 640 and copper 20% lower".

      Note that one of the four wrong was silver - so much for your 10 of 10. In fact, you've only gotten one silver call right, all of the others have been wrong.

    • Ok no call,your just playing SLW long.Now I see why you keep ragging on me because I totally disagree that gold,silver and SLW will go higher in the near future.

      truce! deal or no deal !

    • That's correct, I'm not going to make such a short-term call. I'm invested in SLW and silver for the long term.

      I could guess on a short-term call just as easily as you can and I'd have the same 50/50 chance of being right. And if I was right, that doesn't make me an expert that is right 99.5% of the time.

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